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Resident · 2016
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Office Staff
I currently live here, patiently waiting for my lease to be up so I can get the hell out and not look back. Rent is supposed to be in the upper 700s for our one bedroom but nearly every month we've paid almost $860 with all the little added on things (water, trash, sewage..) and I don't know if it's just my building but no one is abiding by the rules. First off everyone is lying about how many people are living in each apartment. There are so many people that like to leave the common door totally unlocked so their families can get into the building without the necessary key. Once their IN the building I hear them knocking continually on the doors until someone let's them in. I've even come home at night to people sitting in the hallway holding pillows and blankets waiting to be let in. The thing is the open doors allows solicitors into the building and because of this at the first of every month without fail we have random strangers come into our building and bang on each door demanding to see your electric bill it's a total scam the police have been called on them numerology times, they say they are aware of the problem but it happens every month. My neighbors think that once they are awake they can make as much noise and blare their mariachi music as loudly as they want (thats not a racist remark it truly is the music they are playing) their kids entertainment is running in the halls screaming. Once we had kids knock on our door and asked if they could each have a dollar...? They were going to each apartment doing this. The bug infestation is disgusting and out of control, we lived here seven months before taking a trip for three days when we came back I noticed a dead cockroach on the floor which I felt was gross but thought it was just a fluke. After that we couldn't kept the roaches away they were every where!!!! It is still an issue to this day, and believe me I keeo everything super clean all the time. Like a normal household we have a coffee pot and a toaster on our kitxhen counter...we had to dump the toaster the day I saw five roaches come OUT of it and more disgustingly from around the coffee pot and by my son's high chair. Even though we have set traps and bought sprays nothing helps. We also have drain flies that after bleaching out all our drains the only way to keep them away is to always have our sinks plugged up when not in use. More tiny bugs I can't identify are always crawling around in our kitchen and bathroom floor at night. We moved here on a whim and it has been an eye opening experience. I don't know my neighbors and honestly the way everyone conducts themselves I don't want to. Everyone is shady as hell and theres probably a good reason. Also good luck finding parking because if you come home past 8 pm you won't find any. Ever. Also during our time here our renters insurance was cut due to all the vandalism to the clubhouse property and pool. Good stuff am I right?
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