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425 Robinson Circle, Carbondale, IL 62901
425 Robinson Circle, Carbondale, IL 62901

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425 Robinson Circle



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Resident 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/12/2009
After living in Alpha Rentals for two years, spending close to $20,000, contracting pnuemonia from mold infested apartments, the management has decided to stick me with a $1200 cleaning bill and threatening to take me to court. This is an apathetic operation who's number one and primary focus is the dollar without any care to whom they have to hurt in order to get a quick buck. After living in the apartments the first year mold began to grow underneath the entire apartment complex from one foot of standing water within the crawl space of the apartment. You could literally skip rocks across the pond filling up underneath the complex which sits there year around creating a breeding ground for insects and mold. After two years of trying to convince the management of this problem, and even finding maintenance men who backed up my claim, they still deny that it exists and have not anything about it. Needless to say this has led to pnuemonia, increased sickness, and other respiratory problems all within the first year of living there. Also the neighborhood is rather shady, and there were many nights when gunshots could be heard from the complex neighboring Alphas. No police at all showed up after these events which happened countless times. There were numerous times that vehicles on the parking lot were broken into. Also the construction of these apartments were quickly done with poor construction. Siding and shingles frequently fall off the side of the buildings, and sometimes it will be months before the problems are addressed, if they are addressed at all. The parking lot is another problem for complex, barely built to code you can hardly pull into one of two parking spots you assigned. There is also no visitor parking, instead they must risk parking on the side of the road in a shady and dark road in a crime-filled area at risk of being broken into or robbed. Carbondale is also infamous for its tow truck drivers, and at Alpha Management they can be seen at their best with countless verbal confrontations that will occur when they try and tow vehicles out of the lot two and three times a day. Upon moving out of the apartments, I took a week off work, bought cleaning supplies, rented a steam cleaner, and had five other people working to make sure the apartment was spotless on the day we moved out. Once everything was cleaned, this apartment was cleaner than 95%-100% rental properties in Carbondale. Once I turned in my key, I was sent a letter notifying me that my $800 security deposit was not enough, and they were seeking $400 in additional expenses incurred during the cleaning process, as if I hadnt just spent all of the time and labor cleaning it myself with five other people. Now they are trying to take me to court in order to get the $400 they say I owe. Do not rent from Alpha Management, and if you have had a similar experience, which I am positive there are more out there who have, then join this group in protest of this money hungery apathetic rental operation--they will steal your money from out of your pockets and laugh along the way!
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425 Robinson Circle

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