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moffutt01 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/12/2007
My husband decided to live here our last year in school so that we could save money to buy a house. BIG mistake. I cried the day we moved in and I have cried several times since. There is simply no way to describe how aggravating Marshall Reed truly is until you stay there. For starters, I am a law student and I had asked about noise before we moved in. Although I was told it was quiet this was completely false. There is the constant noise of the street and all of the bass thumping cars. Bass is also a problem in the surrounding apartments and tenants play their music until 2-3 am. Then there is the constant slamming of doors at all hours. With the paper thin walls it is impossible to sleep without earplugs. Next there's the problem of parking. They assign stickers and assure tenants that they will have parking because non-stickered cars will be towed. Well since I've been there I have yet to see one car towed. But the biggest problem by far is the pet policy. The problem being there isn't one. Tenants are allowed to have as many dogs as they please and there is no weight restrictions. This means that your yard and sometimes your sidewalk are filled with dog ----. This presents a problem when tenants step in it and track it into the building. Then they refuse to clean it up and your building reeks of dog ---- for weeks. There is no real cleaning service here so the hallways are constantly dirty. Even if there was a cleaning crew I doubt it would help the smell. The apartments are just generally old and in disrepair. I'm familiar with the addage that you get what you pay for, and that couldn't be more true than at Marshall Reed. While my husband and I are saving a ton of money and will have a great downpayment when we move, I wonder daily what price I have put on my sanity! Bottom line is this, if you want to save money and don't mind noisy, old, dirty, smelly, broken, dilapidated, dog----- covered apartments then live at Marshall Reed. If you do then please don't live here!!
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