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900 E. Park St., Carbondale, IL 62901
900 E. Park St., Carbondale, IL 62901

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The Pointe at SIU



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Resident 2015 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/15/2016
I would NOT recommend living at this apartment complex at all! I have lived here for a year now and may or may not be possibly living here again next year (because I am not going to pay to get out of my lease). The Pointe at SIU definitely looks like a nice place to live at first, but you will change your mind once you deal with the management after living here for awhile. This place is run by HORRIBLE management, and I do not say that lightly. The first problem I had with them was when I found out, from other residents who were checking out, that they expect us to get the apartment professionally cleaned or else they are going to charge us themselves. I called around and realized it would be much cheaper to get it professionally cleaned than to have them charge us. Anyway, my main problem with this is that they did NOT notify any of the residents about this. Nowhere in the lease does it state that we have to do this and they never let anybody know. The reason they do this is so that they can charge us an obscene amount of money when we move out of our apartments. I was planning on moving from my 3 bedroom apartment to a 2 bedroom next year and the management informed me that they are not going to clean our new apartment unless we pay them $400!!! IT DOES NOT COST $400 TO CLEAN AN APARTMENT! On another note, this past year there have been SEVERAL car break-ins in the parking lot and they did nothing to notify us about that either. Also, the hallways of each complex are absolutely disgusting. The floors are stained and there are many stains/unknown splatters along the walls. Maintenance does not do anything to maintain that cleanliness. OH also, this place has a MAJOR roach problem. My boyfriend had roaches coming out of his dishwasher and were seen all throughout the apartment. I have also had to kill a handful of roaches all throughout the year in my own apartment. I am nearing the end of my lease and I wanted to discuss the fact that I have 3 holes in my carpet from when I was dog sitting my friends emotional support pet, who also lives at this complex. A maintenance guy came to look at these 3 holes, which are not visible unless you go looking for them. There are 2 holes in the corner of my closet and one under the bed. The rest of the apartment flooring is in perfect condition. They decided that they want to replace EVERYTHING throughout the apartment and that it would be costing me over $2,000! Not only were they replacing the carpeting and tile in the kitchen, but they were upgrading it to some kind of vinyl flooring. It is illegal for them to make me pay for any upgrades of the apartment and I am will not be paying them ----. After I talked to the manager, in a prissy tone, she told me that they were going to also charge me $300 for having "an illegal pet on the property". I explained to her that I was dog sitting, one time, for a friend who is allowed to have that pet here as his emotional support pet. She continued to argue with me and that was that. Like another review says below, THE PEOPLE WHO RUN THIS PLACE ARE MONEY HUNGRY!!! Do not live here.
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The Pointe at SIU

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