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The Pointe at SIU



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Office Staff
Prospective Resident 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/20/2017
Unfortunately, I signed a lease before my guarantor was approved; but my guarantor did not get approved. Also I did not make enough money over the summer to pay the triple deposit required if you do not have a guarantor (cannot get a guarantor approved). Thus, I was told my only option is to sublease-which is not the issue. I, first, called the male co-manager, and he was unwilling to work with me at all. Then, I called the other co-manager, a female, who offered to let me do a double deposit on top of August rent ($500). Each deposit is = to one month's rent, and at the very least I would have to pay $1500 by August 1st to move in because I did not have a guarantor and had already signed my lease. SO ,please learn from me! Do not sign anything until your guarantor is approved because the approval process is not as easy as you think. Besides, this is a valuable lesson for future reference. The silver lining: When trying to view a showroom to a potential subleaser for my apt, one of the assistants showed me an option for financial aid where I can use a refund check to pay 6-8 months of rent dependent whether or not I have a guarantor. For me, it would be 8 months that would come directly from my refund check. Although, this is a large sum of money, I would have selected this option, but I no longer EVER want to move into the Pointe. The fact that neither manager informed me of the financial aid option and that the female co-manager said I could not use my refund "check unless it was credited by August 15th" when the financial aid option exists beyond Aug 15th until "whenever financial aid comes in" (as written on the form in the picture I attached) either means she was unaware or a liar. Either way, a manager of an apartment complex should be neither, especially if you complain about how SIU-C's low-enrollment has reduced your full capacity and caused you to have several vacant rooms. I think she should take more responsibility in the matter. The fact that The Pointe still has "15% of the apartment's capacity vacant" is because of poor communication and customer service. I left the Reserves because of similar issues, but now I will need to look elsewhere. I only write this because I abhor that apartment complexes that monopolize student housing options in Carbondale mistreat their tenants and offer substandard service- only because they know there are limited other options for student housing, which ultimately forces us to choose to endure their unsatisfactory service. I also attached a picture of the financial aid form in case someone else was curious or in my situation, though will not receive it from management.
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The Pointe at SIU

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