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Wedgewood Hills



Resident · 2014 - 2016
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
We are very disappointed with our stay at Wedgewood Hills, and would NOT recommend this complex to anyone. I was a graduate student at SIUC, and spent all my graduate years living at Wedgewood Hills with my significant other. We decided to rent a two bedroom two bathroom condo in the graduate housing section. We were looking for a nice, clean place to live with quiet neighbors; I wanted to be able to study at home without becoming distracted. The rent was very expensive; you could rent a 3 bedroom house for much cheaper per month. But we figured that we would spend the money to live somewhere that was supposed to be quiet and well maintained. Despite living in the 'graduate housing section' and the 'tight nose regulations', it was incredibly noisy. Our neighbors were not professional; many of them hosted parties until 3-4 in the morning! Afterwards, the back yard would be littered with beer bottles because of our neighbors. The complex said they had a no-tolerance policy for parties, since it is supposed to be a graduate housing residence, but clearly this wasn't the case. The trash area is close to the apartments, and the area was always littered with trash. We had seen quite a few raccoons in the area. They would post signs stating that they would charge a fee to those who did not place their trash in the right bins, but they never followed through with this. Our cars have been hit multiple times because the complex refuses to plow the parking lot after it snows. When we brought this to their attention they plowed once, but never did so again. Other neighbors had similar complaints. Each condo has an assigned parking space, but we always found other people parking in our spots! Party-goers would ignore guest parking and would take up our spots. They claim to tow cars that are parked in the wrong spaces, but we have never seen them do this. When we politely approached our neighbors about this, they became angry and aggressive. Although it is only a 20-30 minute walk to campus from Wedgewood, the are is not safe. Shootings have occurred down the block from Wedgewood, and at night there is sometimes sketchy people walking around. We had to deal with a stalking problem while we lived there. If you are looking for housing, it is best to look towards the other side of campus. During our stay, there have been many shootings, rapes, etc. on this side of campus. Finally, after we moved out we were warned by friends that Wedgewood was known to take security deposits for falsified cleaning fees. We are very clean people, and cleaned the apartment head to toe. We purchased very specialized cleaning supplies to make sure the apartment was sparkling. After we left, we found out that they took almost our entire cleaning fee for bogus charges. They said that the carpet was dirty, yet we vacuumed multiple times and deep cleaned it before leaving. The only positive aspect about living in Wedgewood is that they are quick to repair things such as stove tops, sinks, etc. During our first year living here, when we put in a work order, they were quick to fix things, with most repairs happening within 24 hours. However, as time went by, repairs were a bit slower but still relatively fast (3-5 days). But I do not think this can really outweigh the negative aspects I have listed above. Please- if you are looking for a place to rent, don't go to Wedgewood Hills. You can rent an entire house for MUCH cheaper. If you are currently renting here, make sure to take MANY pictures of your apartment (clean and unfurnished) before you leave so you can avoid any charges.
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Wedgewood Hills

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