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Wedgewood Hills



Resident · 2005 - 2007
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There was a day when I was sleeping in my living room when some construction people had decided to wander in. Why the landlady gave them a master key, I do not know. Almost every day they felt the need to come in for one reason or another. The lease states that only she can come in for reason of emergency or to show the apartment, neither reason was given by the construction people as to why they were there. <br><br>As for parking, there are spots assigned for the residents. However, if you have an open spot that is registered to your apartment and you have a guest, the landlady will threaten to have their car towed even if they have a car pass to be there.<br><br>Other cars have been damaged due to the negligence of construction workers and the landlady feels as though it's not her fault and won't take any action to work through issues. <br><br>The landlady has yelled at my guests and made statements that were not true. If she has an issue with someone related to an apartment, why not talk to the person renting from her instead of taking it out on guests?<br><br>Neighbors have loud parties that she feels no need to take care of when it is stated there is a "no party" clause of the lease regardless of complaints.<br><br>She has a cable line that sits out in the parking lot and has been caught in the tires of other cars. A complaint has been made and she will not take care of the problem.<br><br>There was an ice storm recently during the day and after a few hours, there was no salt placed anywhere to ensure the safety of anyone who wishes to walk anywhere. <br><br>There are random cats who walk the parking lots, as well as skunks in previous months.<br><br>The landlady asks people to spy on neighbors and get back to her.<br><br>I have felt little to no privacy.<br><br>If that sounds like heaven to you, by all means feel free to move here. Be warned she likes to jack up the prices and has little respect for her tennants.<br>
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Wedgewood Hills

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