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Renaissance at Carol Stream



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Office Staff
NotHappyAtYorktree • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/29/2007
When I first moved in two years ago the office staff was friendly and personable. They have recently changed most of the staff and they are no longer friendly and not at all helpful. They have been downright rude to me and other residents on a number of occasions. This staff change was a horrible idea. The woman who used to be at the desk and the gentleman that worked in the office were assets and they are now gone.<br><br>The maintenance staff that is currently here are very friendly, but the staff they have had in the past have also been very hard to work with. Since there is a quick turnover, I don't think the friendly crew that they have now will be here for long. I was without heat last winter for 5 days with no explanation as to why. All I was told is that they were working on it, but that does not help when it is 15 degrees outside and my bedroom was registering 60 degrees in January.<br><br>Over the last 6 months there have been large unidentified insects appearing in my apartment and nothing has been done. I have been told to put them in a bag and they will call an exterminator, but that takes about two weeks. Last summer there were water insects that an exterminator was sent out to take care of. Instead he put down large sticky MOUSE traps which my 6 month old kitten got stuck on her paw before I got home from work and saw what they had put down. This required veterinary care as the sticky part tore off some of the pad of her paw. Mgmt knew I had pets and I would have liked to have thought they would have done something to prevent my pets from being hurt - especially since I did not have mice and should not have needed mouse traps.<br><br>My utilities are not what the office staff had explained they would be when I moved in, but I have just dealt with that as it has not been worth the hassle. Also, I paid $500 for deposits for my two cats (on top of the $450 regular deposit) and now pay $40 per month rent for the two indoor declawed cats. I do not understand a rent for cats since they are not outside damaging the lawn like a dog would and their litter does not create excess garbage.<br><br>Most recently, and what was finally the straw that broke the camels back, were the neighbors that moved in upstairs from me. They are much louder than the previous ones and I have made several late night calls and left messages on the voice mail in the office about the noise. They are pounding much of the night. They also threw a cigarette butt over the balcony which landed on my 4 year old child who was playing on my patio. All this has been reported to the management which has done little to stop these occurences. <br><br>The Canadian goose problem is out of control and no detterents have been put into place, even though there are some available on the market. They have chased my child while we were on our patio. The hallways have a strange odor, but I cannot place it. I know that the carpets in the hallway have not been cleaned since at least March of 2005 when I moved in here. The laundry room floor seems dirty all the time. There are cars that get parked and then do not move for months. One has been in the same spot since the first week of December and another I have noticed for about 3 weeks now. The windows are VERY drafty, which contributes to a higher heating bill and when I asked about fixing this I was told there is nothing they can do. <br><br>The police are called to this community about two times per week. Due to the low rent, there are many people here that are not very considerate about their neighbors. I had a neighbor pass out drunk on the front steps of the building and my child and I had to actually step over him to get in our building. The police were called by another tenant and this was all followed by noise that lasted deep into the night while the police tried to get him back into his apartment. There are a lot of children that run around in the middle of the streets from the early morning to late at night which makes it difficult to drive through as they do not move for cars. When I have honked my horn at them, I have had things thrown at my car by them. This does not make a person feel very safe in their neighborhood. I have also had people standing on my patio outside my door for no reason that I could find as I did not know these people. I called the police, but by the time the police arrived they were gone. There was also someone arrested a few doors down with a shot gun last summer. He was in the courtyard shooting. When I called the office the next morning about this, I was told they knew nothing about the situation.<br><br>Even though there are locks on the main doors into the buildings, I have had people knock on my door to the hallway soliciting when I did not let them in. I also have a lot of people soliciting through the intercom system from the outside.<br><br>When I first moved in two years ago, I was very happy, but this community has gone downhill quickly over the last 6 months to a year.
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Renaissance at Carol Stream

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