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St Charles Square Apartments



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Office Staff
ITISALLTRUE • Resident 1998 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/10/2005
Of course there is no perfect place! however, St. Charles Square is not even close to being good or even better than the other apartments in the area. I lived at St. Charles Square for about eight years and finally moved out beginning of this year when everything starting going downhill! <br>Risa is a tramp! She thinks she is all that! right! If you want to be all that, then be it by improving the community not by showing off your "assets." What kind of professionalism is that? She has to put people down so she can feel superior, this is true not only with her employees but us the residents too. I had enough of her -------- and moved out. I used to love living at St. Charles Square when Debbie and Anna where managers. Things where getting done and you could truly feel they cared about the residents. May be there where not as many amenities, but who wants amenities when you do not even feel welcome in the office?<br>I never paid rent late!! so my comments have nothing to do with me wanting to vent! I just want to warn other nice people who may be fooled by the show Risa and everyone put on when a new resident comes to sign the lease. It is all phony!!<br>I was not living here this past summer, but I heard about the restrooms being closed to the residents?!! This is illegal!! All swimming pools must provide restrooms! Risa is really setting up the company for a lawsuit. <br>The maintenance staff is a joke! They are afraid of the "manager" and completely demotivated. nothing gets fixed in a timely manner! this place is probably 30 years old and needs a good maintenance team! <br>I made really good friends while living here and they are all living too. This complex feels like gettho meets college campus- between all the UTI students working on cars and being loud and obnoxious, and the low class clientele living here now, it is impossible to call St. Charles Square a "community" anymore. It is horrible. It is really sad to see how the community went downhill just because of Risa! I met Bob Homan a few times in the clubhose. You could tell he is a caring person! He asked how things were in my apartment and was just nice. Risa is very different from what the company (or at least Bob)seem to be.<br>Do not move here!! Trust me!
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St Charles Square Apartments

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