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KermitVBrookins • Resident 2014 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/28/2017
I live in bankier's apt for three years, and I would like to give a fair review for other UI students. Pro: Location Location Location: most of their apts locate in the center of Champaign downtown, which is extremely convenient for student who work in lab till late night and need food around. Payment option: This company accept check/online bank transfer/ credit card to pay rent, which is convenient. Rooms available even if you apply too late. Better apts generally runs out pretty quick, some of them were out of space for next two to three years! Con: Obsolete building: Most of their building were really old. They do maintenance, but problems still occur. For example, water heater in upper unit exploded and huge amount of water flood my belongings. I have to take all these losses by myself without renter's insurance. (generally cost +$100.) / Laundry machine ate my coins often. Noise: If you live in those old building, then you will hear every single detail of what your neighbor does. Such as they fart in toilet, close the door, make Love, say something to themselves, & etc... Overpriced: Bankier's apts generally tend to have slightly higher price compare to others. If you budget is tight, then choice other apts. Landlord entre your room frequently: Urbana city require landlord give notice at least one day before they enter your room. However, Champaign does not have such law. Although most of the time, landlord will knock the door before they open your door. There are several times that staff open my door without any notice. Live in Urbana if you really care about privacy. Overcharging: It is quite often that they charge you for problem that exist when you move in. They refuse to fix those problem and then charge you for that when you move out. They also refuse renter to steam clean the carpet. (If you do so they still charge you carpet clean fee) Therefore, you will have few hundred more bill when moving out compare to other companies. MAKE SURE YOU TAKE PHOTO OF EVERYTHING WHEN YOU MOVE IN!!! COPY THE CONDITION LIST SHEET before you turn it in. Dishonesty: Their mouths were full of lies toward international students, and I am not the only victim of their lie. It's quite often that they lie about condition of apts when they *talk* about the room. So you must VISIT THE EXACT ROOM YOU WILL LIVE BEFORE YOU SIGN THE LEASE. Misleading information include package/parking. (e.g. they fool international studnets by UPS/USPS, where pretend Amazon's package though UPS able to enter building. / Pretend the rent include parking, but documented in contract for +$25 or more.) Take your time read the lease documents! Again, you must visit the exact room! PS: all these cons were true for old apts, if you live in their new building (e.g. Skyline Tower), then the only problem is Overprice. In summary: Live in their old build will give you an average to below average experience. (3 to 2 star) Their new building should give you a good to excellent experience. (4 to 5 star). Others: C-U area generally tend to be very safe (compare to Chicago downtown, & etc...), and this area does not have bed bug problem too. Most of apts does not have cockroach (or the pest control work really well). TAKE THE COURSE GIVEN BY U-OF-I TENANT UNION BEFORE YOU MAKE DECISION!!!
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