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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/30/2011
When we first moved in at 106 S Coler, the sink in the full bathroom did not work, and the toilet and shower looked like it had not been cleaned at all (meaning whatever Bankier deducted from the previous tenants security deposit was most likely stolen because the whole point of the security deposit is to have the landlord fix and clean the apartment for the future tenants, which they did not do). Eventually it was fixed after a week or so. Aside from being kind of high rent for an off campus apartment, it was not too bad the first year. Until Bankier called me towards the end of the leasing season to let me know that they were showing our exact unit to lease for the following year the very next day, and we had less than 24 hours to resign with them. Given that it was the end of the leasing season (at least as far as we knew at the time, we hastily chose to stay with them. Which, in hindsight, was our own faults. Throughout the first year nothing much else happened, except that they would post notices saying that something would be done (new base boards, windows, etc) within a time range and it was 100% done from 2 weeks to a month after the last estimated date from the notice. Then the second year started. Bankier told us when we first signed that if we stayed in the exact same unit (which we did) our rent would never increase. It did. So we now owed in increased amount in rent from the already overpriced rent for a medium size apartment, off campus, that only had a kitchenette. Then the people on the first floor moved in. Whoever they were, they worked for Bankier doing their construction and other projects. They overtook our parking lot with all their pickup trucks, cars, and motorcycles, had dogs, used the one and only washier and dryer for the entire apartment almost all time (because at least 5 people were living in there) and had screaming matches outside at 5-6 in the morning from time to time. And they were not students but people who ranged from upper 20's to late 40's, give or take. Then at some point after Christmas break, we get an e-mail saying we owe more money, with no explanation why. I went into talk to them, and a very condescending told me, and I quote: "I can't tell you why you owe money because we don't keep records." This woman, being part of a "business" that handles hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, told me that do not keep records on what s been paid and what hasn't. After arguing with her for several days, she told be I had to find out why we owed more money. I had to do her job. Eventually, on their end after arguing with them for several more days, they discovered we owed money for the increase of our security deposit, which makes sense, but they could not figure it out for a week. A couple of weeks before we moved out (and we were one of five units still living in the complex), a man comes knocking on our door saying that he was there to remodel our kitchen. Bankier had called us several weeks ago to inform us that it was happening and they would let us know when it was going to be done so we could clean out our kitchen. They never did. The man had to reschedule. But they couldn't wait the week or so until we moved out and the apartment was emptied. We had to live without a kitchen for 2 days, while the rest of our apartment was cluttered with food, dishes, and the like. On the day we moved out, the man was still remodeling apartments, so I'm not sure why they could not have a 2 day process wait until we moved out. Finally, the security deposit. I had to tell the woman who came to review the place for the move-out procedure why we had random construction holes in our kitchen because of the construction that took place a week ago because she was marking us off of it. When we finally got the security deposit about a month later, the check was made out to all three of us, with just our last names. You cannot check a cash made out to more than one person, and even if you could, it only had half our names on it. I'm not even arguing the amount (it was less than a third of what we paid, including key deposits), it was just a matter of getting being able to cash the check. I went to their office and woman told me, again and I quote: "We do not put the check in one person s name or split it up because it is not our responsibility to do so" I argued that we can't even split it up because the cash cannot be checked. To which she replied, "It's your responsibility to do so." After several minutes of trying to point out the circular argument, she told me my roommates had to sign a statement saying it was ok to sign it over to me because I was still the only one in Champaign. One of my roommates now lived abroad and I did not how to reach him, but she needed his sign-off. Eventually she said an email would work, which both sent Bankier. I did not hear anything from Bankier, nor did any check arrive. I called Bankier, and they said they were busy and would call me back. They never did. I called again. No response. Finally I went back to their office, and another woman said I needed sign off and sent an email to agree that a check could be written in my own name. No one told me when I came in the first time and failed to tell me when I called. Now they are claiming they need the signatures from my roommates again (while one still lives abroad). Tomorrow is October 1st; my lease ended August 12th. A side note: our electric bill was always $50-$70 more expensive than other 3 bedroom apartments, even when only 1 of us was living there, and I don't know if it was due to poor construction or thieving Ameron, but most likely a combination of both. In short, do not sign with Bankier. They are rude. They are incompetent. They are condescending. They are ignorant. They take advantage that they are dealing with college students simply because they think they can. They are as much of a functioning business as a lemonade stand run by Lehman Brothers.
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