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Bankier Apartment Rentals



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/10/2012
I had a really HORRIBLE experiences with Bankier. The people who worked there were fat and sad condescending women, and just waiting to scam the ---- off of you. So the apartment that I was renting has a monthly rent of 700/mo. a relatively high rent compared to other apartments. With this rent, I expected an average to good quality apartment. Well, I was wrong: 1) when I first moved in, they had fleas all over the apartment! FIrst, they accuse us of having pets, we had no pets. Then it took them more than a week and multiple request for evidence before they promised to do anything about it. In the end, we had to move everything out of our apartments for the exterminator to get rid of the fleas, then we had to move everything back it.... it was such a hassle, and they didn't have any apologies. 2) During Fall semester Finals week, the ceiling of my room COLLAPSED in the middle of the night!! my entire apartment was flooded 5 inches of water, half my belongings were ruined (squashed under the ceiling, including ipods, old laptops, etc.), it was cold, but worst of all, I could have been seriously injured (If I was not in the library studying). But I thought to myself "you know what, accidents happens, if they deal with this professionally, and compensate for my damages and let me get out of this apartment, I am good". 3) Well I was wrong again. It was only my first semester living in this apartment and 2 accidents(collapsed ceiling, fleas) already happened. I thought to myself that I needed to move out of this 700/mo. horrible place. Well, of course it's bankier, so they won't let us move out of our apartment (require all rent) and didn't compensate a single cent for all the damages that they caused me!! My roommate and I even went into the office crying to the lady begging for her to do something about this -- let us move out. They just brushed us off and told us that we still need to pay 700/mo. rent regardless if we still want to stay at that apartment! 4) They also "forbid" us from publishing the damage pictures to any social network sites. Well, I didn't know better, I was a sophomore girl and I didn't want to be in trouble, so I didn't. Moreover, I had to focus on my finals, so I let this thing drop... and they took even more advantage by reinforcing the fact that they are not responsible for compensating my damages, even though this entire thing was not our fault! They even collected late payment charges from us for not paying our rent on time when we were still negotiating how to settle this situation (at this time I was already staying at a friend's place)! 5) In the end, to settle this, they told us we can lease out by summer. But that option was actually available for all Bankier tenants, so we had no real compensation in the end, it still leaves a scar on my sophomore year. All in all, don't live at bankier, they take advantage of good students, and squeeze as much money out of you as possible. Don't even think about getting your deposit back, let alone damage charges if you had (bad condition carpets). I live with JSM now and they are much better, I had no problems with them... and at least they don't point fingers at you immediately whenever something goes wrong.
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