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Midtown Lofts

512 South Third

Champaign, IL 61821



Former Resident · 2019 - 2020
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Just don't. Seriously. My roomates and I toured a very reasonable apartment. Managment was nice. We sign and on sign in we are promised a waived fee because we signed early. This fee was NOT waived (~$200) and that's just the start of them ripping us off. We all show up on move in day to another unexpected $200 "move-in" fee that is supposed to be used for cleaning. The first night there we find mouse droppings all over the counter. The next day...the mouse! Maintenance did ---- besides coming up and literally standing on a chair because "they were afraid of mice. The mouse was running on, in and through all the cabinets and the stove top (not kidding). We paid for our own mouse traps and it took maintenance 2 months (!!!!) to plug the mouse hole. This is after multiple attempts to get them to fix it. They promised a cleaning service scheduled for 9am the Saturday after the whole was plugged. No cleaning service came (surprise). We even trapped and discarded of the mouse ourselves. Let's see what else...the fridge draw broke and all they did was replace it with the neighbors drawer who hadn't moved in yet...the first couch we had was disgusting and had a huge gash in it with the stuffing coming out (it was later replaced)...the matching gross side chair sat in our living room for the year lease without a cushion because they took the cushion so they "could remember to come get it"...the towel rack came CLEAN out of the wall with a small tug TWICE...We had THREE fire alarms all late at night, one of which was due to a burst pipe that turned a portion of Midtown into a waterfall that we all got to watch for 2 hours. To top it off they took all three of our security deposits citing "cleaning" (i don't think they know what that means) and...painting. That math adds up to $500 for a paint job. I don't bet, but I would put $500 dollars on the fact that our money was put towards Midtowns exterior paint job and not actually for a legal excuse to use a security deposit like repairs. DO.NOT.LIVE.HERE. There are better places for similar prices. It looks nicer than other place from the outside but you will regret it I promise. Hope this helps in your decision making. Good luck!
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Midtown Lofts

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