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Lincolnshire Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/13/2011
This is the second time I have found mold in my apartment in different areas and this time I was forced to move out of my mold infested unit. (due to a bathtub pipe leak and black mold growing under the furniture) they gave us a $50 off rent coupon and a new apartment. Cable transfer, moving truck, and medical bills due to mold total over the 50 dollar amount and they tell us there is nothing they can do for it.. therefore we are paying for a problem that is not our fault. Before we got a new apt and our old apt was unhabitable they gave us a key to sleep in the rec room. Then, the new apt they gave us has brand new carpet but smells of smoke, and they act like they did a favor by giving us a unit with "brand new carpet" Staff expects us to drop everything to come to the office to sign a new lease for this new apt and get the electricity transfered, we have lives, jobs, and classes. Living here has caused me to miss work, lose money, and my health to decline. I agree with the review on only enforing rules on some tenants. Before moving in, our dog was 6 months old and they had to have a paper signed by a vet stating the dog wouldn't get over 50 lbs full grown. I had to jump thru many hoops to get a vet to sign this paper. Turns out our dog is only 35lbs and on moving in we discovered there are LOTS of dogs living here that have to be 60 lbs.
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Lincolnshire Apartments

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