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Lincolnshire Apartments



Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
DO NOT LIVE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok so my boyfriend and I had a one bed one bathroom downstairs apartment. Starting out the staff was amazing especially Tina like she was super sweet and amazing. We signed our lease and moved in a week or so later our floor had a giant leak right before walking into the kitchen. We informed the staff and the maintenance people came the very next day to check it out. They checked it out and came to the conclusion it was a leaky pipe. They claimed they would fix it so we didn't bother too much with it. months past and we had the same issue to the point i was smelling mold! i went to the office and Becky (the property manager)said "well these apartments were built in the 70s so their going to have issues". I'm a pretty understanding individual so I was like ok i understand just get it fixed ASAP. She claimed within the next week OR SO some guys would come and detect mold. I worked nights at the time so I pretty much slept during the day and 2.5 weeks later (which I was not informed)some guys were beating on my door. I did not hear them at all so they tried to go around to the slide door and open it but it wouldn't budge. Then they got the front door unlocked from the office but i have the extra lock on it (I dont know the correct term for it) its basically a little bar you slide in place anyways the guy broke my door open. Now it would be smarter to tell the office people to call me and i would have the door unlocked and ready but no they basically broke my door down. After they left I went to the office to tell them about my extra lock and they said its not their problem. I was super pissed, we only stayed there for 6 months and during this 6 months we had SO many issues and got the same lousy excuse. The maintenance man had an attitude every time he came over to fix something like just plain out rude. several times our AC froze and we still continuously got floor leaks. The final straw was when half our apartment electricity went out. My husband was taking an exam for school and it randomly went out no flicker or anything. We called the maintenance man at 9pm and he refused to come out! We had no AC or anything and he was in the middle of an Exam!!!! Becky told us to open our windows but there was no breeze and our bedroom window was stuck! We had to pack up and go to his parents house so he can finish his HW and so we can make food and sleep. They didnt come out to fix anything til 3 days later! then they had to wait for a part which would get there in 7 days so we were basically screwed. we stayed at his parents house for about 2 or so weeks and when we told Becky she claimed it wasnt her problem and we still owed rent. We politely put in our 30 day notice and got out. moral to this story DO NOT LIVE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I promise you its not worth it!
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