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Lincolnwood Pinetree Apt



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bceiu • Resident 2008 - 2010 Recommended
Reviewed 03/05/2011
I spent a day visiting with 6 different apartment companies trying to find a 1 bedroom apartment in my price range (under $500 a month). I found some that were a little less expensive than Lincolnwood but those were either not furnished or were very small. I decided on Lincolnwood because I liked how clean the apartment was, it was furnished and the landlady lived in complex. My apartment had ample space for me and I turned the 2nd bedroom into an office. I was in grad school at the time and I had very little noise problems with my neighbors. The landlord Sharon was very polite and respectful. If I ever had a problem it was resolved very quickly. During a wind storm in April one of my windows broke (they are double hung, meaning you can pop it out and clean the outside of the window while you are still inside the apartment). The window was replaced in 5 days, and I never had a problem with it. I lived in one of the non-renovated apartments and was still very happy with the quality and cleanliness of the place. The windows did leak in the winter and I used that plastic shrink wrap to seal out drafts. The buildings are older and therefore insulation is somewhat lacking. They are the only apartment complex in Charleston that changes the locks after you leave! This provides peace of mind and extra security. You had to have a parking pass on your car otherwise you were towed. This was enforced at all times. Guest parking was 1 dollar for every 12 hours. I prefer this to free guest parking because then there isn't enough resident parking. The fridge worked fine, the range and oven were a year old and very clean. The sinks and tub did not leak, I didn't have a problem with ants or spiders or roaches. I brought my own bed and futon for the extra bedroom. The couch, love seat, coffee and side tables were all in good condition and clean. The carpets are professionally cleaned after each tenant leaves (I saw this first hand in the summer when the undergrads had left). The carpet in my unit was a little worn and should be replaced soon. All the electrical outlets worked properly as did the central heating and cooling system. My electric bill and gas combined at its highest was $125. At the lowest it was $45. Gas is used to heat the water, electricity is used for all other cooking, heating and cooling. Overall this was a good location, great landlord, and I would recommend it to anyone searching for apartments at EIU.
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Lincolnwood Pinetree Apt

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