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Lincolnwood Pinetree Apt



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/25/2013
I lived in the Lincolnwood apartments across the street from Carmin Hall for my Junior year at EIU. I will NOT be renewing my lease and I would NEVER recommend these apartments to ANYONE. I have called the landlord for noise complains over a dozen times - to which I was always told "I'll call the apartment renter and tell them to quiet down." I finally called and complained enough the apartment manager recommended it may be "easier to call the police and have them deal with it. I'm not going to do anything." This INFURIATED me. So I've then had to call and make well over a dozen noise complaints. The neighbors will start BLASTING their music at 7am - which would violently shake my apartment and wake me up - and continue this behavior until well past midnight. If you want your apartment and all your belongings to smell like the weed and other various drugs your neighbor smokes, then this is the place for you. People will run up and down the halls screaming at all hours of the night and if you don't have at least 10 people knock on your apartment door past 3am looking for the wrong person, I'd be impressed. I'm not a prude or against any type of fun, but I also pay a lot of money to do well in college and graduate with a respectable GPA. If I can't even study in my own apartment that I paid well over $600 a month for .... what is the point of having it? The maintenance sucks as far as I can tell and there are no repercussions for ANYTHING. I was told when I moved in that I was to have a microwave included. I asked in September when my microwave would be brought in and I was told that week. I move out in a month and I still don't have a microwave. No one in the front office knows what is going on and half the time it isn't open. They rarely ever answer phone calls and 99% of the time won't call you back. The parking lot is TERRIFYING with no lighting and GIGANTIC potholes throughout. Tons of foot traffic goes through the parking lot on a daily basis and there is no security system, lights, NOTHING to help make anyone feel safe. I feel completely ripped off for the amount of money that I paid and the fact that I basically never got to enjoy leisure time in my apartment, because all the other parties were more important. This place sucks. Plain and simple. I don't know how they're still in business.
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Lincolnwood Pinetree Apt

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