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1016 West Hollywood Avenue



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/22/2013
I lived there for almost 1 year and it was the worst experience of my life ever. they look nice at the beginning but it is only the face you will see before you sign the lease. After 5months I started seeing mice. they chewed all of my stuff. everything in the kitchen, I was absolutely shocked when I saw them walking freely in my house. and when I complained to them, the only thing they did was putting glue traps in my unit, and believe me the mice get used to them and could easily jump over it or release themselves from it. I took 18 mice when I lived there. It was disgusting, horrible, it was a nightmare.I have all of the pictures and everything to prove it. they never care about the residents, the only thing they care about is money. She is a person of talk and an expert to put the blame on others, everyone and everything but herself and his damn apartment. when I told her that I will call city of Chicago she started threatening me that I will give you move out notice and so on and so forth but in the end she understood that she can do nothing and the changed my nit, but nothing has changed I saw mice again and again in my bed room everywhere, it is horrible and unbelievable but I have all of the pictures. The carpet in the hallway was out for more than 6 months because there was a fire in the elevator, the elevator is out of order all the time.it is said that the heat is included but you will be freezing all the winter and you have to warm your unit up yourself because they never turn the heats on. It was a horrible experience in my life, and all of these happened when it was my last semester at school and I was graduating and I didn't have time to look for a new place and move out, I barely stayed at home and spent most of the days in my friends' places. I still have the fear of the mice after 6 month when I hear a sound somewhere in my office or home, I still think it is a mouse, I am seeing nightmares of mice. It was like a hell living in that apartment. It was absolutely horrible. I later got to know the manager rents the units to people with bad credits just because she can keep them silent. I will definitely call city of Chicago and see what I can do as soon as I get time. Don't ever think about moving there, you can find a much much much better, cleaner, nicer, cheaper apartment in the neighborhood please please please just do not go to 1016 w Hollywood, you will regret it the second you sign the lease. You can easily see the cockroaches all over in the building, hallways, rooms, laundry. Just don't go there, it is easier to live in the hell that living in that apartment, the manager is the most irresponsible, immoral, untrustworthy, unreliable person I have ever seen in my life. Don't trust them, they are just men of talk. Even one star is too much for this place. They really deserve a negative score...
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1016 West Hollywood Avenue

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