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1333 South Wabash



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Office Staff
Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/25/2017
So, first of all I want to start out by saying I'm writing this review under a fake name, solely because the management office will retaliate against you here for writing a bad review. They will do things like ignore work orders, enter your apartment when you are not home and go through your belongings and so forth. I was one of the first residents to move into this building when it opened. When I first moved in I thought it was amazing. The staff was great and everything was clean and taken care of the way it should be. Fast forward now a year and the changes at this property are night and day. They hired some new management staff which are horrible. ------ the general manager and ------ the assistant manager are a total joke. If you have issues with your apartment they will ignore you 100%. It takes you sneaking up on them on the 15th floor when they have their management office hidden. If you do plan on going on there, make sure to stand in the hallway and listen to ------, ------ and this new leasing agent ------- talking trash about residents. I sat at the door one day listening to ------ and ------- just trashing a new tenant, talking about how "catty" he was, and he was a "---", which that word coming from ------- is funny, seeing how he is so ---------------------. These two went on for several minutes until I couldn't stand to listen to anymore before I walked into the office and they quickly shut up and ------ turned bright red in the face, and ------- took off out of the office. I feel really bad for the door staff as well, they get treated like total garbage by the management office. Several have been talking about they are going to quit, as they can't get the corporate office to do anything to fix the issues. Over the years of living here I've gotten to know a lot of the residents and most are planning to move soon, and a lot of them have moved already. At the writing on this review, they have over 45 apartments vacant, as they can't give the units away and the ones they do have rented are moving just as fast as a moving truck can pack them up. Lastly, if you have children beware of moving here. The management office rents out vacant units via Airbnb and other sites. The issue with this is you will see hookers and druggies in and out of the building at all hours of the night. With Airbnb none of the guest are background checked, so you don't know if the people checking in are sex offenders, criminals, violate or anything else. The resides are checked for all of this. And these Airbnb units throw crazy parties which nothing is ever done to stop it. You smell strong WEED smells coming from the units. You call management and NOTHING is done.... when you can get them to answer the phone. Most cases they won't even answer! All in all beware. If you want a nice apartment, with professional management, great maintenance staff, honest and respectful leasing staff and a safe place to call home, this IS NOT the place for you.
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1333 South Wabash

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