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3710 North Pine Grove Avenue



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2003 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/06/2003
I am glad you found this site before renting from this urban abyss. 3710 was at one time almost a good place to live...mainly due to location. However, now it seems that the managment (the Alquida of realestate management) has gone to hell. Since I am sure you have already read previous entries I won´t go into the rashes, or rats, or the stench in the rear apartments. <br> <br>I will however warn all people to avoid the 4 1 type of building of chicago. They were built around the 50´s as a very cheap solution to deal with urban housing. <br> <br>NO Ventilation <br>Thin Walls <br>Hot as Hell! <br> <br>But these issues can be dealt with if managment cared about their tennants. <br> <br>Security is a primary issue and as i walk by the buidling I still notice the front door is hanging of the hinge. <br> <br>Dust, critters, and papers flow into the building like rush hour at Grand Central Station. Kind of reminds me of the way the grand stands look like after a Cubs Game. <br> <br>ManageMEANT" is the term that should be given as the may say the "meant to fix it" they meant to clean it." They meant to correct the problem. <br> <br>Well everthing stated in these entry are "meant" by the tennants.
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3710 North Pine Grove Avenue
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