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3710 North Pine Grove Avenue



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/28/2005
This place has terrible security, Mail is often left in the lobby, and I came home one day to find that my packages had been opened and things had been stolen, so I recieved only empty boxes. I called the management and was told that I should probably have things delivered to me at work rather than at the apartment.<br><br>When I first moved in I was really excited about the pool, but I probably was able to use it three times in the 14 months I was there, as it was always broken. Even when it wasn't broken, it smelled so strongly of chlorine, I didn't want to use it...<br><br>The elevators are dodgy at the best of time, and the alarm on them doesn't actually call anyone for help, it just makes a really loud buzzing noise that wakes up everyone in the building. I was stuck in the elevator once for an hour until a resident called maintenance for me, and management still wasn't there before the door just randomly opened on it's own, so I was stuck in the small and smelly elevator for about an hour and a half.<br><br>I would not live in this place again, and would seriously suggest to anyone considering it to think again, there are places in the same neighborhood that are much less expensive and are much better.
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3710 North Pine Grove Avenue
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