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420 E Ohio Apartments

420 East Ohio

Chicago, IL 60611



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/25/2005
My experience with 420 was horrible at times and, other times, wonderful. First, move-in and out is a complete nightmare. The office staff, although nice, is border-line --------. They failed to properly coordinate all aspects of my move-in as well as my move out after I specifically scheduled days and times. My move-in began with my arrival in a rental truck full of my stuff... only to find out that I was unable to move into my apartment at that time. I had to move all of my things into another apartment and then, the following day, miss a day of work so movers could move all of my things into my actual apartment. I was angry to say the least. Think that's bad? Try the move out process. I had an elevator time scheduled. Guess what happened when I showed up with a truck and movers... all 3 elevators were broken. The staff was completely inconsiderate about the incident and did not try to accomodate me at all. They acted as though I was inconveniencing them. By the time the elevators were repaired, I had to complete my move in one hour because they had made a mistake and scheduled two groups of move-outs at the same time. Imagine how stressful moving is... now imagine moving while another equally angry group is trying to share your elevator and loading dock. Now imagine it with angry residents in the lobby wondering where the elevator is. (oh yeah, by the time I got to move it was pouring rain).<br>In addition to the jack---- move-in and out process (which, by the way, is happening every weekend all spring, summer and fall), there are dogs in the building. Great if you have dogs. However, if you don't like the smell of excessive urine and smeared dog crap on the sidewalk for a half-block radius, you may want to invest in one of those Segway things to speed past it. You would think it would be fairly easy to send a maintenance man to powerwash the sidewalk once a week, but I guess that's what rain is for right? Along with the piss and crap walkway, there is a fair amount of barking coming through the vents on a regular basis along with very strong Indian cooking odors... especially in the bathroom where the vent doesn't work. (Although, I was told it was working, but "it's just really quiet." I popped the cover off to reveal "quiet" means "Fan not moving"). The combination of the morning barking, indian food, and a broken vent creates a wonderful curry steam bath every morning when you shower.<br>So, what's left you ask? I'd feel bad if I left some good out. The building is very safe. There are very nice residents and a couple of the door men and maintenance men are pleasant and easy to get along with. On top of that, it's a nice area. The lake, Navy Pier, Mag Mile, etc. It's quiet if the dogs aren't barking so I would recommend the building for dog owners and, if you're not, don't rent on a dog floor. Also, get a skateboard so you don't have to step in puddles of piss every day. As far as the move-in move-out thing... good luck with that one.
420 E Ohio Apartments Manager10/09/2018

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420 E Ohio Apartments

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