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450 West Melrose



Resident · 2015 - 2016
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Office Staff
Yes, this place is old, hasn't been updated since 1950 and the walls are paper thin. We were lucky enough to live next to a loud Italian who yelled on his phone at all hours of the day & had bass ridden music playing for at least an hour a day. We could hear his tv, sneezes and phone calls. As I'm sure he could hear ours too. There's no privacy as somebody else mentioned. The lobby and laundry rooms have been updated and are just fine. Peter, the building manager, is wonder and timely with maintenance requests and keeps the building clean. The elevators are sketchy, sometimes the door doesn't open and you have to go up again to open the door. They have also had "conditional" inspection certificates since September 2015. A unit caught fire in the morning back in 2015 and we never heard any fire alarms and didn't get notified until the evening. The in unit fire alarms go off any time you turn on the oven or stove, so we never had ours turned on. Which is a safety hazard but you can't live with the alarms going off every time you cook. They just put emergency escape routes and other safety things up a few months ago. So that makes me feel great knowing this building WASNT up to any codes when we first moved in! There's absolutely no hot water pressure, and the hot water in the sinks and showers gets WAY too hot. 145 degrees to be exact! Another safety hazard. The windows are drafty as hell and before moving out I learned our window screens were held on by double sided tape. Another safety hazard for somebody with cats! If you have any sort of allergies: seasonal, pets, dust, mites, mold, do not live here. I suffered hell for 11 months because there is absolutely no ventilation in this building. And keeping a unit impeccably clean in such an old building is impossible. These units are overpriced for the size and amenities (none). It's mostly just the location, and even then you can find studios for less than $900. I enjoyed having Peter as a maintenance guy, the location is absolutely amazing and overall MOST of the tenants are respectful. We only had 1 cockroach (he ran off behind our sink). So don't worry about those unless you live on the first floor. Our unit was overlooking the parking garage and we never had sunlight. These apartments are mostly all dungeons, so you'll feel the depression come winter. But be warned there is construction of 2 new buildings right next to this building until the end of 2016. The noise is constant from 8am-7pm. One of the main reasons we were so ready to move out. Our kitchen sucked, the oven didn't cook properly or evenly. Whenever we turned it or the stove on our apartment would get extremely hot and smell of cooking gas. Probably not safe. The fridge and freezer were fine, though small. Plenty of cabinet space but if you're short you won't be able to reach the second level of shelves. No counter space in our studio unit. Bathroom was fine too. Our bathtub didn't hold water so I never took a bath. The bathtub was too small anyways for anybody over 5'6. The hot water pressure is so bad that by the time a bath would fill up it would be cold! We moved out of here a month early and bit the bullet of paying 2 units rent at once. We pay an extra $500 (they raised our rent for a small studio to $1050 a month! Insane! add on $40-65 a month for utilities. $50+ for electricity and $60+ for cable and Internet) a month for a brand new unit in a brand new high rise with countless amenities up the street. Do not move here if you can afford it. The free cats (no deposit or rent) is nice but again with the no ventilation!
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450 West Melrose

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