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510 West Wellington



Resident · 2010 - 2011
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Office Staff
I live in the 520 building and since moving in there has been extensive construction, without notice, noise at all hours, including weekends. Almost full days without water while they were fixing pipes without any notice. The directory in this new-appearing building is always broken and linked to incorrect phone numbers, no matter how many people in the management office you speak to on correcting issues or asking for notice about construction noise, and debris, or water being unavailable. There is sewage all over the parking area that our dog has to walk through each day. Our dog has had anxiety bc of the noise and has been sick bc of it, along with the sewage. The front door is constantly propped open by workers and tenants and I have been assaulted just a block away from the building and STILL the management office doesnt do a THING. They are never on the premise, even though their office is just 3 blocks away and there is an onsite maintenance person... for what reason, I dont know. Oh and I have been literally stuck in the elevators so many darn times, I barely take them anymore, not that they ever work. We pay extra for a storage space, that is the size of a dog cage and there has been crap from construction and the building blocking the doors sooo many times or even flooding. I have been lied to by the management team numerous times and promised that never seem to take place. The workers they hire are ridiculous and loud and they STILL seem to be working, even though the management office just makes excuses for their behavior and blames someone else on their team. We pay and escalated price for a tiny apartment and the service isnt there, or the safety or the quiet or the follow up. NEVER live here. I am just waiting to get out of here.
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510 West Wellington

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