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517 West Oakdale Avenue, Chicago, IL 60657
517 West Oakdale Avenue, Chicago, IL 60657

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517 West Oakdale



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/17/2005
I could write a book on the numerous problems I had with this hellhole, but I will get to the point. Do NOT rent from these money hungry a-holes. They don't give a crap about you as a tenant, they only care about your money. This building was formally run by Banner, which was pretty bad at the time, but things took a turn for the worse, when Barry, BJB, or the other names they go by, took over. They made living there a nightmare and they got off on it. I'm amazed with all the health and enviorment code violations they broke, that I'm even alive to write this. Think I'm being overly dramatic? Ha! Ask all the people who have since moved out, which at the time I moved, was more than half the building! So unless you like dealing with rude, nasty "management" ( mostly Dino ) , being treated like dirt, not having heat half the time in the winter, constant plumbing problems, bathroom mold, and, what appeared to be brown maggots that would crawl out from the baseboards of my kitchen, then feel free to give it a try. I also did not feel safe there, not becasue of the neighboorhood, but rather the workman, who were creepy, and would go into peoples apartments without warning or reasoning. Personaly I wouldn't live there if it was free.
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517 West Oakdale
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