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525 Hawthorne Condominiums



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525owner • Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/06/2005
We purchased one of the newly renovated condos in this building in January and have been overwhelmingly pleased. The construction work was beautiful, and the appliances are terrific and modern (and my mother is a professional chef with a commercial kitchen- if your microwave isn't good enough to heat up your carry-out, quit your bitching and LEARN TO COOK!!) New management is very good so far (they remembered our names and unit number after meeting us just once), and I have heard some bad reviews about the Indian guy who managed the building before. The garage is great, heated with plenty of space, and they are actually allowing people to store bikes in the garage in front of our cars. The doormen and women and maintenance people are always very friendly.<br><br>As for the building being "dog-friendly," dogs are allowed to live here: isn't that friendly enough? A dog is not a person, and its owner should not expect the privileges that are afforded to people to apply to an animal. Dogs smell, bark, lick, sniff, and may offend or annoy your fellow tenants when closed into a small upholstered elevator with them. Taking your dog in the freight elevator is a show of basic respect for the people you live with. I even use the freight elevator after I work out so as not to disturb the people around me. If your dog is your close companion, best friend, lover, that's fine, but please don't pretend the rest of us enjoy such close quarters with your pet as well.<br><br>I enjoy living in this building very much. Location, transportation, and the views are definitely the highlights. 525 seems to be the only building in the area with large bay windows: we can see everything from here! The pool area is fantastic, with the new terrace and grills, and the whole building is kept wonderfully clean. The small workout room is just big enough and even has a TV. The laundry facilities are also brand new and easy to use. The only unfortunate thing is the series of doors and steps from the lobby to the garage, an area that has not yet been renovated, which makes it difficult to carry large loads to and from the car. However, the residents in the building are always friendly and smiling, and I have never once had to navigate the doors without someone offering to help.<br><br>As for the infrastructure of the building, I have not lived here for long enough to comment. I do know that the air conditioning this summer has been fine, that we have never had any problems with hot water or pressure. Coincidentally, the real estate lawyer and close friend we hired to review the contract had worked for the original builder of 525 W Hawthorne Place and knew him well. He assured us that the builder has an excellent reputation. I do agree with several people, however, who complained that the walls are quite thin. We sometimes hear the people upstairs cheering at the TV through the vents. But this alone would not deter me from buying a condo here.<br><br>I am extremely satisfied with our unit, the building management, and the other residents of the building. I believe that many of the bitter comments came from renters who were forced to either buy or move out before the rehab. I saw my unit (though we weren't supposed to!) before it was redone, and I wouldn't have wanted to live there either! But they have really done a fantastic job with the place, and friends in the real estate business continue to assure us that this condo is a terrific investment.
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525 Hawthorne Condominiums

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