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5750 N Sheridan Road Building



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/04/2010
I have lived here for about 9 months trust me this building is horrible. Noticed when i move in that my 6 week old baby woke up at 2am sometimes 3am crying i thought that its was normal until she began waking up every single night. Then I began to notice that she had all these bites every where durning her bath. I didnt know what was happening to her because at that time they were so busy feasting on my infants soft skin they were ignoring me. Long story short they started to attack me as well durning the night. I cut on the light and manage to catch one of the ------- and put it in a zip lock bag. I took it with us to the hospitial and the doctor said it was a BEDBUG SHE SAID IT WOULD BE IN OUR BEST INTEREST TO MOVE OUT AND DISGARD ALL THE FURNITURE AND CLOTHS. I WAS SO UPSET I CRIED thought maybe there was a better way to handle this so I pulled my self together and called the landlord she told me i didnt need to move, and that i could keep my furniture. which was a lie because i researched it on the internet and i knew better. I asked her if she could hire an exterminator and steam clean my carpets she said no and swore at me. i left and took my daughter to her grandmothers house for the night. I returned to the apartment Id forgotten my credit card opened the door and was shocked to find her husband and his brother in my apartment without informing me with a spray bottle. I ask him why were they here? and what were they spraying? he didnt answer so i demanded an answer and began to record him with my phone camera and walked closer to the bottle he was using. he told me it was just a empty bottle that they were using that the name was not on there and refuse to tell me what he was using and walked out. so i had no idea of what this man was spraying. so i left called the city 311 and never went back and i hired a lawyer.
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5750 N Sheridan Road Building

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