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5840 N. Sheridan Road Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2008 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/18/2010
Look if you desperately need a place to live that's inexpensive, north, close to the lake and temporary. Then sure... But! If your looking for an apartment to be comfortable and call home this isn't it. To the point, There are drug deals hourly especially at night, drug users thats why its so crazy I'm sure. There someone always asking for a cigarette,The hallways on each floor has it's own distinctive animal or human waste smell if not for you to see(Not that maintenance isn't doing his job well, he can only do so much)He & his wife are very helpful & kind. Tenants dispose garbage without bags(helps the smell).Water pressure sucks.I had to hug the wall to take showers seriously!.there's no airflow so when the heat's on you will cook,opening the window won't help.air conditioners freeze with ice.Door locks you might get a key to one or the other.cleaning the carpet doesn't help landlady won't replace but don't be late with rent you will recieve immediately a 5 day notice.Bring your own lights there will be 1 in the closet bath & kitchen only.building is very vintage.Under the sinks you can smell the mildew and see the mold growing. Mirrors in the bathroom are so old you can't see yourself.You can tell walls haven't been painted since the building was first constructed, cleaning them might take a few sessions.Unless you have get an apartment facing the front of the building,the apartments are Drury, you wont know if its day or night.Not for a moment leave anything in the laundry room it will not be there when you return. Meet the mailman yourself if you want your mail or someone will get it for you Please! get Identity fraud protection before moving in.Security there isn't any.Anyone can enter the building just pull hard on the locked security door, your in!There's no one watching at the end of the camera's you see installed, trust me no one's coming to help you. Most people living here do not work, they are on some form of disability,or just released from a half-way house trying to intergrate back into society.Drug attics do all kind of things in the freight elevator which is the only elevator in the building that someone gets stuck in at least once a week or pee's in.Other tenants quickly make friends with you so they can see what you have to steal. If your lucky you'll get a parking space in the fenced in area. If behind the building make sure you get your parking sticker asap so you don't get towed from the vertical space that will tear your car up every time you come or go. Please do not leave your car a second alone parked in front of the building by the time you get pass the two glass entry doors a tow truck will be hooking up to your car. I found out the doorman across the street in the other building calls the tow truck guys that sits waiting behind the building. The little 4ft land lady is physically forceful,disrespectful,rude and talks to people very nasty, like they are beneath her. I've seen her in action, I couldn't believe my eye's. Especially because of her size and age. She calls the police for any reason on anyone and will say what ever it takes to get them there. You can hear fights going on in the hallway at night and the police following. You can hear everyone's business throughout the building. The couple having sex on the 3rd floor for hours, your neighbor above you in the bathroom and they can hear all movement you make. I was up late one evening and the neighbor below me complained I was stomping and moving around all night. If you just need a temporary place to live where you go to work come back too and stay to yourself then this could work.
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5840 N. Sheridan Road Apartments

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