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641 West Aldine



Former Resident · 2018 - 2020
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Office Staff
I lived at this apartment complex for 2 years. My rent increased about 8% (faster than inflation). The WTRM is efficient but not in the least bit friendly. There was an incident of bed bug on our floor (and exterminator was sent thankfully). There is a sign by the trash about rats (have seen them) and roaches (have seen them). For some odd reason, my mail was always wet and stuck together. The washing machines are overpriced and don't clean nor dry your clothes - go to the laundromat on Broadway. There is a leak in the laundry room. The elevator is slow, small, and often dirty. Good luck avoiding CV19 as the pathetic fan FINALLY works. Your packages WILL be stolen - took my medications once ... who does that?! They do apartment inspections while you live there... who does that?! You have to give 2 months move out notice AND they can show your apartment in those 2 months. They have bike storage, but it is full. Site now says SHORT TERM LEASES but when we asked, they said 'no'. The kicker... they are doing a guy renovation of the building as people move out... so you will live in a construction zone... during CV19... when you are stuck in your apartment. It is loud and dirty if you don't get a refurbished floor. But remember, the floors above and below you will be remodeled too. Speaking of noise, there is an elementary school next door - when they are in recess, you will have to close your windows or become deaf. The renovations are pretty to look at but who needs to live in a $1100+ bedroom with a luxury kitchen; you can get a 1Bedroom in BoysTown for that price now. That being said, the good: it WAS ok when it was cheaper because all bills are included - heat, water, gas, electricity. The new finishes are nice, but you will pay for their upgrades and at the current market rate, that doesn't justify the price. You are paying for their remodeling. The neighborhood is great but there are cheaper/better places now. Move here if it's all you can afford and you want an all inclusive payment, but you can do better. That's why we moved... I hate seeing people getting taken advantage of. (Pictures attached as proof)
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641 West Aldine

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