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641 West Aldine



Resident · 2020
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Office Staff
Current resident, here. Sitting in my apartment, trying to drown out the obnoxiously loud construction happening above me. The same loud construction that's been happening since I moved in, in April. This place has been a nightmare since the beginning. They are renovating units as tenants move out. First they did the unit directly next to mine. Aside from being so loud it actually scared me, they punched a hole into my kitchen wall, and didn't fix it till two days later. I gave the construction workers the benefit of the doubt - it's not their fault the walls are so thin. But then they sent their main guy, the owner of JCN Construction, to fix the hole. He patched it up and left a huge mess on the floor, and never cleaned it up. It's still there. Then they told me there was an issue with my bathtub, so they sent the guy who patched the hole back to check it out. It took them over a week to replace the pipes. The owner of the construction company insisted on showing me one of the renovated units after I had said no. While alone with him in a small space, he told me I had "really pretty eyes, by the way." Then when we got back downstairs I told him and his co-worker that if they needed to get in (to my apartment) to let me know." To which he replied, "Hell yeah I need to get in there." And he and his buddy laughed, and laughed. The next day he showed up at my door to "update me" - he entered my apartment and started asking me personal questions, like if I lived alone because of a breakup. I told him yes, and then mentioned my boyfriend. To which he replied, "I thought you said you were single" and expressed his despair that I wasn't available. Gross. Then another of the workers started coming onto me. Till one day he asked for my number and I said that I have a boyfriend. He said, "We'll see about that." And other vaguely threatening statements. I see these men every day, because as mentioned earlier, the building has been under construction since I moved in. I have never felt comfortable in my home since. Not to mention that all of this happened during a global pandemic. I told Water Tower about it and they said they would speak to the men. They even offered to show me other buildings I could move into, but they never followed through. The water gets shut off for hours at a time with short to no notice at least once a month. Not ideal when you're stuck at home all day with no access to running water. I complained about this to management and they brushed it off as an "inconvenience." One day they decided to change the lock to the garbage area. The lock did not work, so teenagers started breaking into the building and running around my floor like it was a playground. One day I caught them and as they ran from me they shouted obscenities at me. The hallway on my floor has been under construction since June. There are exposed wires everywhere. I had a virtual job interview one day when the construction workers were directly outside my door, hammering loudly. I politely asked if they could pause for just a few minutes. They told me I would have to talk to their boss. Their boss was the guy who hit on me, so I wasn't about to do that. So I did the interview in my bathroom with the door shut. As was mentioned before, the walls are paper thin. I can hear my neighbor every time she coughs, laughs, speaks, whatever. I've truly never experienced a worse living situation than this. If you've made it this far, please do yourself a favor and look elsewhere for a place to live. They are renovating all the units and I'm sure they will look lovely (if they ever finish), but the building is still 100 years old and the renovations will jack the price of these shoebox apartments to more than anyone should have to pay. As I like to say, you can't polish a turd. The only positive: living next to the Nettelhorst chickens.
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641 West Aldine

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