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815 Cornelia Management Corporation



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/30/2005
I posted the 04/28/2003 review for this complex, and I did, in fact, re-sign for a second year. That's when all the problems started. The bathroom flooded routinely, we had mice, our hot water heater (which, we learned, was the culprit of our high electric bill, as it is located in the unit and you pay to keep the water hot) broke, and it took weeks to have it fixed. Again, the engineers were helpful and did everything they could to expedite the process, but Beal only works with certain contractors and we had to wait for them to be available. The repairs weren't done correctly the first time, and we had to have them come back to fix it again. For weeks we had no hot water, and at times, we had no water at all. Our kitchen sink was literally on the floor while this was being fixed, since the hot water heater was under the kitchen counter. In the end, the water heater they installed was too small for our unit, and we only had enough hot water to last for 1 brief shower. This is what we were left with for the remainder of our lease. Of course things will break in an apartment, but my complaint is that Beal was slow to make repairs and offered no compensation for the inconvenience. <br><br>Finally, when we decided to move out, they started bringing people through our apartment in MAY for an August 1st lease. Unpleasant.<br><br>Sometimes I still miss the apartment itself, and the neighborhood was nice, but the main reasons I wouldn't recommend this property are:<br>1) Very difficult parking<br>2) Incredibly high utilities<br>3) Beal Properties' lack of concern for residents
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815 Cornelia Management Corporation

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