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Appleville Apartments



Resident · 2006
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Office Staff
the people who wrote most of the comments about the appleville have obviously decided to lie about the place. there is no swimming pool here or huge bunches of homeless people wandering around the front building. this is an 11-story condo apartment building near a downtown and along a major expressway. as for the person who wrote about the area being full of young, black, supposed criminals, they are also lying. the area is between chinatown and bridgeport. if you are to be robbed, it will most likely be by a chinese gang member or a white bridgeport racist. <br><br>the building itself, originally 100% black middle-class families and professionals, is now about a 50/50 mix of black and new immigrant chinese, with a few other groups too. <br>For the most part, everyone gets along fine, but the building has gone down significantly in recent years. i blame this on the new, tacky, residents that have been allowed to purchase in the last few years. most of the original residents moved out as the building began to decline.<br><br>even with that, the building is still a decent place to live. you don't have to worry about crime and concerned residents still make their demands clear at association meetings. and it's in a good location - easy access to downtown.<br><br>there is no denying that the appleville has definitely declined in the last 20 years - flowers in the front are allowed to wilt and are not replanted in a timely fashion, carpets are not vacuumed as frequently anymore, the elevators need to be replaced, security staffing has been cut in half, the limited maintenance staff is overworked, and cigarette smoke and smells of restaurant-style cooking sometimes wafts thru the vents, but i blame that on the 'majority shareholder' and that it is no longer under professional management. <br><br>we have moved but been back to visit friends several times, and overall it is still a livable place.
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Appleville Apartments

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