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Blackstone Hall



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Office Staff
Resident 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/10/2016
I really regret moving here.The location is great, no complaints, free street parking, only hard to find on street cleaning day. Safe neighborhood, IMO, some thefts but it's a quaint neighborhood. The building is horrible. Management just bought the buildings from U of Chicago so they are dorm rooms with shared bathrooms and kitchen unless you pay double. The building is old and gross. I rented without seeing it, big mistake. The room you can fix up but the bathroom is so disgusting because it's old and I can't remodel it, I'm here for 3 months. Be wary of the realtor. He gives some tenants breaks on rents and charges others fees for random things. They dropped the price for a reason. The amenities they promised, they just plan to do them. So if you sign a lease, maybe 1-3 months in, you'll have a business office, fax, Internet, etc but not immediately, They don't have a lounge, they really misadvertised.The heat works but they won't turn it on. Lots of excuses. Maybe because it's their first months owning it. My advice don't rent here. If you're desperate and only need to stay for a month, then you should be fine. Don't sign a year lease or 6 month. Mine is short and I regret it. Also, they lowered the price and now some really shady people moved in (just 2) but still. You can hear your neighbors clearly but that never bothered me because headphones.
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Blackstone Hall

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