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Cityfront Place Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1998 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/14/2011
As a long time resident I can tell you that Cityfront Place is centrally located in a neighborhood that is transient and has been rebranded at least three times since I moved here. Think North Pier, Near North and Now River East Art Center or the Calatrava Spire? Built by the Habitat Company the Cityfront Place complex was comprised the mid-rise units to the north and the high rise on the south. At the time there was a food market where the Chase Bank is now. Habitat had to provide a health club, market and dry cleaners because there was nothing else here. The high rise was at the time where the singles lived. And the mid-rise where the families lived. The leasing agents would wink and say the high rise was more exciting. Really young people students and the divorced with a few retirees. Fast forward to now the midrise went condo. The high rise has been sold twice. In its Crescent Height days a fabulous new deck was built and a renovated eighth floor business center was promised. Instead they sold for a $25 million profit and ran. Now owned by RREEF and managed by Lincoln Property the building maintenance staff has been slashed and the property manager no longer lives onsite but dogs do. The building has white 80's style kitchens,a derelict "party room" and eighth floor with mismatched and discolored floor tiles. In the five months since Lincoln took over it took over two months to get a glass lobby door replaced and as soon as that happened the revolving door was smashed. The building has great plans for exploding out the eighth floor to create a secure outdoor dog pooping area. The ventilation is the cheap two pipe system so yes during the changeover in spring and fall the units can be either too hot or too cold. But the building was built as an apartment. The midrise when it went condo is referred to as a condo in drag. Other issues related to being built as an apartment are the overall materials. So that noise transfers through the walls and floors. For instance I have heard my neighbors having sex. I can hear the unit above slam the toilet seat down and be awakened when this occurs. As I have lived in a studio and a one bedroom over the years I have insight into the high floors. For instance when there are high winds the seals in the windows whistle. The central core of the building used to be heated/cooled and pressurized to keep the smells from individual apartments out of the halls. However as a cost saving measure the temperature and pressure is not what it used to be as now Indian curry and smells of cat may eddy into your apartment. Thankfully cat litter is no longer being thrown down the chute which meant all kinds of mess for the staff and smells for the residents. Now our trash chutes on each floor are cat litter collection stations as well. As for the views well they are best from the gym. Unfortunately our dedicated staff is on the bubble as they have been told they will have to go when we get renovated. Living across from Wacker Drive and the river means harley and ducati motor cycle gangs running the gallery at three in the morning to say nothing of the cigarette boats. Also the drunks from the Irish Bar serenade at three in the morning. Also the river has been filled with raw sewage at least three times so it can sometimes be Sewerfront Place. Front Office Staff is very imperious. If you want something done take the name and time down and be prepared to follow up multiple times. Whether with noise complaints, service requests or leasing issues. Mostly phone calls are now emptied into voice mail. I had to call three times when the boys upstairs stopped up the toilets and the water was cascading down into my apartment. Also they may close the office when they are having lunch. Big dogs up to 75 pounds are allowed. Think Portuguese Water Dog loose in the leasing office (and the leasing agent thought it was amusing) or toy dog on twenty foot leash in the mail area. The lonely old dog owner is trying to get some attention and you are trying to not step on the rat or get tangled in the leash. Ah the luxury of it all! Only ten more months to pay for.
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Cityfront Place Apartments

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