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Columbus Plaza Apartments



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Reviewed 04/10/2012
I'm what people around this place call an, "Old Timer." I've lived here since 1998 and have a spacious one-bedroom The past few years have been sorta topsy turvy, building-wise. Around 2003, they seemed to change their marketing toward becoming an auxiliary dorm for International college students (that means SE Asian) attending downtown campuses. So those kids jacked up rental costs by about 15-25%, because...well, because corporate management can. Then over the past 5-7 years, they started making patchy renovations here and there. First, the lobby. That was an ugly nightmare that lasted 2 long years. Then the elevators. Even worse--elevator wait times went from 2-5 minutes way up to 4-7 minutes. Not bad, but if you need to get anywhere FAST, forget it. So now we're back down to 2-5 minutes. Longer if someone's moving in or out which seems to be every few days. 3 years ago, they started making "keeping up with the Jones's" style renovations to match features found in other newer buildings. Expanded exercise room, put in a cheesy computer area (for the 1 person in the building who doesn't have their own wireless). A couple years ago, the manager who had been here since forever quit (or got forced out? She wasn't all that pleasant the few times I had to chat with her), and the new lady seems hands-off. Maintenance is good, and the guys they have seem to have been here for decades. During the 2008-2010 recession, rent increases calmed down. But now...look out. 10%-15% increases have started showing up again, and Columbus Plaza seems to think they're now able to draw as much rent as the new(er) buildings in the neighborhood. Well, that'd be fine if the apartments looked like those places. Other reviews are spot-on about the condition of apartments. Old cabinets, no-feature appliances, seemingly low ceilings. But the biggest shock was my electric bill. Everything here is electric, and electric rates have gone up over the years. My monthly bills used to average around $100 in the winter. Now they're around $125-$175, depending on how cold it is. Summer, my bills used to be around $75-$100. Now they're around $100-$150. And there's no getting around it. I face north, and during the winter months, those freezing winds howl against my side of the building. I have to run my heaters continuously or the apartment feels drafty. While the apartments are nothing special, the building construction in really good. I rarely hear my neighbors, and there's only been one or two times I've had to call the office to complain, and the problem went away. I wanted to install a ceiling fan and was told that I couldn't because it might create a humming sound to the person above since the floors are concrete. Fair 'nuff. All the apartments have wall-to-wall carpet which is nice, except they use a low grade of carpet. When I first moved in, they told me I'd get new carpet every 2 years. Not any more. They only put in new carpet for new tenants or every 4 years. All in all, not a bad place. The fire station a block away is noisy at all hours. other than that...ok.
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Columbus Plaza Apartments

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