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233 E Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60601
233 E Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60601

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Columbus Plaza Apartments



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Resident 2011 - 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 09/13/2012
Generally, my experience here was fine. If I weren't moving for other reasons, I'd probably stay. Pros: 1. Moving in was super easy. They let you reserve the loading dock and an elevator, so you can just pull up the moving van to their dock and go. 2. Rent seems reasonable to me. (I moved from NYC, so that might not be saying much.) 3. The view is pretty nice. I have a Northwest view, which overlooks the river and the roof of the Hyatt. 4. The air conditioning and heat work well, although they're very loud. 5. The laundry room and exercise room are never too busy to use. Cons: 1. Some of the apartments were recently renovated (mine wasn't one). The older-style apartments have pretty old appliances and badly-designed kitchens (there is exactly one drawer, which is not big enough to fit a utensils tray; the kitchen door hits the fridge door; there is no vent over the oven, etc. 2. The management is a little flaky. When I was first talking with them about my lease, we agreed on a start date and a price, but another agent called me back the next day saying that I'd have to move in a month earlier. I ended up taking it, because I'd already gone through the trouble of applying and had stopped looking elsewhere, but that's an additional $1400 over what I'd actually agreed to. The door-people don't actually help you with the door, but they're very nice. Went in another time to reserve the visitors' apt in the building, and confirmed my reservation with one of the agents, who later realized she'd been looking at the wrong month and the apt wasn't available. Besides not being the best at calendar reading, they also forgot to mention that a women on our floor had died in her apartment and gone for a while without being noticed. They just taped up her door with painters' tape. People on the floor put towels at their front door to keep out the smell. But they've still never actually told any of us what's going on. It's been weeks, and the painters' tape is still there, as well as the towels. Seems like a rather odd thing to do. 3. I get woken up every day by the jackhammering outside. I live on the 15th floor, and it's still really loud. Sounds like there's been construction in/around the building for a while now, and although I'm sure it will look nice, but it's not my favorite way to wake up. 4. The is NO parking, except some very expensive garages. There's no lot owned by the building, and the lot next door is $54/day. So when you move it, it's easy for the two hours you're at the dock, but there's no where to park the truck if you can't immediately return it. Also, if you own a car, I don't think there'd be anywhere to put it that's mildly convenient. 5. Pretty sure that management wrote several of these reviews. They seem to respond very quickly to any mediocre review with a glowing one. Hint: if they give parking 3 stars, they don't live here!
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Columbus Plaza Apartments

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