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Columbus Plaza Apartments



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michael_nv • Resident 2002 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/07/2007
My husband and I have lived here for almost four years. During that time, we have put up with a lobby renovation that took well over half a year and forced us away from using the lobby, elevators that repeatedly malfunction, and near 10% rent increases every year. They charge high rates while keeping the building full of college students; it seems like a dormitory with all the college students coming and going from each other s apartments day and night. Of course, if you are one of the manager s friends (they all have a daily drink and smokefest after 5 down in the dumpy bar in the concourse), I imagine their rents are not raised nearly as much as everyone else s rent. You will get to know who they are because they are the only ones not complaining about THEIR rent or the renovation condition of the building.<br><br>Yes, the elevators are terrible previous reviews are all right. What was supposed to take six months per elevator is now going to take A YEAR EACH! That means only three of the elevators will work at any given time. Out of the three, only two are available for passenger use since the third is reserved for move ins and move outs. If one of the two remaining elevators goes out for repair, as happens once every couple of months for a few days, only one elevator will be available during the day. How pathetic. And yes, as with another review, it is true that the manager tells people if they are mad about the elevator situation, when your lease is up, move to another building and pay more. <br><br>This is just not a classy building the doormen are really more glorified deskmen, the renovations will not end for several more years and your neighbors will likely be party all the time college students or computer programmers here on temp visas from third world countries.
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Columbus Plaza Apartments

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