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Delaware Towers



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/20/2005
Theres the good and theres the bad. Mostly good. Great location. Great price. The building manager is really nice and a big hunk. The apartments are good size and nicely appointed with moldings and sconces. Theres a lot of university students living here which can be good and bad. Good because theres always fresh meat on the premises. Bad became sometimes its a bit too much like living in a dorm with beer cans laying about and noisy parties. <br><br>Heres some of the good stuff: Im a single bi guy who sexual preference is blonde. And theres blondes a plenty here. Theres dirty blondes, scruffy blondes, gay blondes, salon blondes, girlie girlie blondes, Barbie blondes, student blondes, adult blondes, slutty blondes and boy blondes. And many are pretty easy to pick up. Just ride the elevator on a late Friday night. Or hang out in the workout room which is a nifty and handy place to pick people up and have quick hot sex in one of two guest bathrooms off the lobby without the girlfriend or boyfriend back home ever being the wiser. Hot, hot, hot. And generally everyones pretty nice.<br><br>Some of the bad stuff: the building super seems incapable of anything but half --- workmanship. Getting mail can be a bit of a drag as sometimes its late or not sorted for a couple of days. Security is kind of a joke as half the time the lobby doors are left open and anyone can just walk in.<br>
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Delaware Towers

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