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Delaware Towers



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Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/21/2005
I've lived in a lot of places. First of all, I love my actual apartment. This was by far the best deal my fiance and I found. He lived at 211 E Delaware last year and that place is CRAP. I think a lot of things about Delaware Towers changed after the renovations. Many things I've seen on previous posts here are no longer a problem--there are plenty of washers and dryers, I've never seen a BUG, much less a roach, and the elevators work great. The location is perfect, and its great that all amenities are included in the rent. <br><br>Floor plan: I admit the floor plan isn't the greatest, but there is a lot of storage space in our apt. (We have a 1-bedroom in an 07. I don't know about the other apts.) We have no view, but we also don't care, as view is not our top priority in a living space. <br><br>TV: Random channels will go out on the satellite for days, but that is true of satellite tv in general--not just this building. <br><br>Maintenance: I haven't had any maintenance problems yet, (lived here for 4 months) so I can't really say if that's good or bad. The maintenance guy is kind of tempermental, though.<br><br>Heat/Air: This is a window unit in the living room. It works great for cooling the living room, but we have to use a lot of fans to get the cool air into the bedroom. I'm glad we have space heaters for winter. <br><br>Noise: Noise level is very low, at least on my floor. Yes, you can hear people in the hallway talking, but once they get to their apartment its fine. Yes, dogs bark once in a while, but its never for very long. This is also one of the VERY FEW pet friendly buildings in the area. <br><br>Safety: The doorman is only there at night, and doors are usually propped open during the day. It is true that pretty much anyone can just walk in, normally. However, the building is in a good neighborhood on a busy street, so I feel safe most of the time. <br><br>Staff: My main complaint is the management. It's HORRIBLE. The "desk clerks" are non-existent. I actually don't know if there even are any anymore. When we used to have them, they were always in the office on the Internet, anyway. The night watchman is very nice, though. Brent, the manager, is completely incompetent. I think he must be someone's nephew or something. The day we moved in, he hadn't told anyone we were coming, so there was no loading space for us. He also had not hooked up our internet connection like he said he would. If you have a problem, he will avoid you like the plague and never get it taken care of unless you physically go in the office and bug him every day. The rest of the staff provides very little help--they know very little about the building (once I was locked out and the clerk didn't know where extra keys were), but that may be due to lack of training. <br><br>Mail: The last complaint is about mail. The management put up a petition so that they could get the postal service to put up our mail, because "its the post office's responsibility" and they just "can't handle it" on their own. This is crap, and I can't believe people signed this petition. I did mail in buildings twice the size of Delaware Towers by myself--it takes about an hour and its not hard. It is also NOT the postal service's responsibility. This just reiterated to me the fact that the management is unbelievably lazy. They also apparently can't read numbers. We get mail for the apartment 10 floors below us all the time, even when it is addressed correctly. Also, I got an important check a week late one time because they had continuously put our mail in the wrong box (it was addressed correctly then, too.) <br><br>Overall, it is a good place to live if you never have to deal with management. However, if you force them to deal with you, and let them know you won't put up with their crap, you can get things done. And I wouldn't worry about repurcussions from being demanding--they wouldn't take the time to do anything.
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