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Doral Michigan Avenue



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/02/2007
You can fall in love with the location of this place, it's great for anyone who loves Chicago. What is sad is the owners know the location is it's selling point, but they have downgraded this building quite considerably. Management here is awful, the worst I have ever dealt with. Too many people who have positions and don't have a clue about what they are doing.<br><br>I have lived here for a few years, and the staff is very friendly. They really do try their best. Mainteneace staff are awesome if you have their numbers that is. Forget about putting in a work order, it'll get lost, you can wait forever. There are lots of students here, be prepared for some craziness and noise! They have no respect for their neighbors, and this is part of the down grading of the building. Renting levels were low, so they had to make a quick buck somewhere buy taking on the students. Big mistake!<br><br>It is very noisy here, lot's of contruction.(It has and will go on for a long time~ La Strada will be next) They are so loud and disrespectful. Shoddy work done here, they are contantly touching up when they get around to it. Management lets the contractors use the resident elevators for remodelling, they are gross, and break quite often. The AC/HEAT units will keep you awake all night. They are so loud and too powerful for the sqaure footage of some units. The laundry area has old machines that are constantly broken. Warm/hot water is limited here, you will be washing with a cold wash most of the time. The outside of the buiding smells of urine because people let their pets urinate in the beddings and also they urinate on the filthy red carpeting outside of the building. Sometimes late at night you will find a homeless person sleeping on the bench, to add to the smell.<br><br>The gym is great and the pool is nice, but this is not enough to keep you here. They think a quick coat of paint will make it better.<br><br>Parking is very expensive here, be prepared for damage to your car. I tried to make a claim and they advised I needed to get an attorney. No help whatsoever! It is very dirty also, my car constantly had dirty water marks on it from the underground pipes leaking.<br><br><br>Sad to say but this building needs restructuring in order to be a top of the line Loop residence. Get rid of management and the students and this place could have lots of potential.<br><br>My advice look around, the rent is high for this building for the amount of grief you will get.
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Doral Michigan Avenue

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