Hawthorne House Apartments

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Hawthorne House Apartments

3450 North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60657
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$2,019 - $3,909/mo



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Resident 2007 - 2009


Highly Recommended

I've lived in HH for over 2 years and love it! Besides the amazing views, spacious apartments and great amenities (parking, newly renovated gym, rooftop pool, etc.), the staff is friendly and dedicated. The management is wonderful and the maintenance team is very reliable. I highly recommend this building to anyone who wants to live well.

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    Resident 2008 - 2009


    Hawthorne House Scams Renters

    The owners are horrible. DO NOT LIVE HERE! At first, I was impressed with the security and the location. I had a beautiful view over looking belmont harbor. Yes, it was very expensive ( about 2,000 a month for a 1 bedroom 1 bath) but I thought you get what you pay for. NOT TRUE I was very careful to treat my apartment with care. I even spent two days cleaning it up before I left. Painting and cleaning the carpet. It was spotless when I moved out two weeks earlier than expected. I gave my 60 DAY notice for July 1st. I moved into my new apartment mid-June and gave them my keys early. THREE MONTHS LATER I receive a nasty phone call stating that I owed rent for the ONE DAY of July 1st! I had moved out two weeks prior, they had the keys, but insisted that I be charged for this ONE DAY RENT. I said that I had signed a month-to-month rent and it makes no sense to charge me for a single day when I had obviously moved out earlier. The clueless receptionist ---- transfered me to yet another clueless lady named -------- who then… See More>
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      Resident 2009


      Hawthorne House Smoke and Mirrors

      I am a resident of almost (2) years. Misrepresentation, Deceptive, Inarticulate, Discriminatory, Lax, Nervous, Rude and condescending beyond there credentials are a few words that come to mind when I try to summarize my experience and observation at Hawthorne House. There seems to be a disconnect between management staff and tenants. Management seem to view tenants as a source of income and their only responsibility is to satisfy "legal" requirements and absolute diregard for tenant satisfaction. The office is manned and serviced by sales staff. There job is to get you out of that office as soon as possible. Short, non-commital, nervous and defensive is the atmosphere. Location is great,service is poor outlook dismal.

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        Resident 2007 - 2009


        ask for alot when you move in

        Once you are in and the renewal is ready they figure you wont move, there are better places for less money.No granite counter tops, they use chalk whenever possible,instead of fixing, look at the corners and outlets , they just keep painting, they charge premium price for average comforts

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          Resident 2004 - 2008


          Great apartment!

          I lived in HH for 4 years and enjoyed every minute. The apartment is spacious and bright and the building is very well maintained and clean. I was sorry to leave because it is in an awesome location. Maintenance was very responsive when needed, which was not often.

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            Resident 2008


            Location is Almost Everything

            Great Location. Unprofessional, indifferent, rude palpably stressed, inconsistent,reactive are a few terms that come to mind when dealing with staff and management. Door people that sleep on the job are incessively on the phone with private calls and consistently speaking in a language other than english. The last I realize is national rite but in a business setting is nothing short of rude. The management has to be handled very deftly depending on mood and which person you are dealing with ranging from affable to indifferent to outright rude but rarely professional. Most people on staff are family members and do a fairly good job given they have not an iota of direction from management that is apparent. Equipment and housekeeping in need a sharp eye from management to detect things that can be fixed, maintaiined or replaced. Elevators are especially erratic deck equipment and property are haphazard. They recently replaced deck furniture but failed to clean mullions around glass partitions and the gas grills are filthy. Garbage chute rooms smell and will be cleaned if you call the office and act really nice a crisp answer and a cursory cleaning will… See More>
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              Resident 2007 - 2008


              Moving after a year

              This is in a great location! The express buses to downtown are at your front door which is convienent to everything. We walked to Cubs games in the spring and summer. The restaurants and nightlife as well as grocery are in walking distance. The maintenance staff is wonderful! We love the view from the rooftop at night-it is beautiful. Why are we moving? You can get more for your money elsewhere. As stated in another review, the toilets, yes, are industrial sort of like your high school!!! The draw backs...price and you can smell everything people are cooking for dinner or smoking while in the hallway. Also beer cans were left in the stairwells consistently...not exactly what you want your dinner party guests tripping over on their way to your apartment. The garage is expensive, but worth it. Street parking is annoying! If you are young, single, and want a safe place this is for you. We are moving out because we need more space and have a dog-oh and teh weed smokers down the hall made us feel like we were in college again, not… See More>
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                Resident 1995 - 2008


                Nice building, THIS IS NOT A FRAT HOUSE OR SORIORTY HOUSE FROM HELL, great area, few problems, but rent is getting to high

                I've lived in this neighborhood for 30 years. I don't consider myself an old person, but some of the younger brats who live in the building and who don't work because their parents pay their rent, may think differently. THIS IS NOT A FRAT HOUSE OR SORORITY HOUSE FROM HELL and we don't want it to become that way. We had problems with the management trying to rent out several of the 2 bed/2baths to 4 students in each apt. and after many problems this ended around 2005. The economy at the time made most people want to buy instead of rent. It's still cheaper to buy than rent, but many people don't want to buy or are in town only until their companies move them to a different town. Studios start at $1,100, 1 beds $1,450 on the 3rd floor and up to $1,700 on the top floors. 2 beds/2 baths from $2200-$2450 on the top floors. The staff is very friendly and most of the maintenance staff, receiving room and front desk/door people are very nice. The previous management Jupiter Mgmt. was a nightmare and they got booted out, but the new mangt group J.L. Woode, LTD is… See More>
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                  Resident 2006 - 2007


                  I Won't Ever Go Back - Don't Rent in Hawthorne House

                  I just moved out of HH after 15 months in occupancy. This was my second time renting in this building. My second experience was much different than the first. First of all, rents are skyrocketing in HH and yet the unit finish outs are as drab and dreary as they have always been. The shag carpet is very 70s and the institutional toilets in the bathrooms stick out like a sore thumb. Unlike building senior management, building staff are nice and personable (except for the ------- who works the front desk in the evening who is one of the most unpleasant people you will ever meet.) Buyer beware - once you sign your lease, senior management will no longer treat you as a prospective renter, but will treat you with disrespect and disdain. When I moved out, they withheld $60 from my deposit refund, stating that the blinds in the bedroom and the livingroom were broken. First they weren't broken, some of the cheap metal slats were bent, but the blinds were in the exact same shape as when I moved in. They say I didn't note those problems on the… See More>
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                    Resident 2005 - 2007


                    You pay them to ruin your car.

                    I have owned 3 separate cars (have been living here two years), and EVERY SINGLE CAR has been damaged by this garage. The manager (----------) and the owner are completely illogical, and never admit fault. I still have the three letters, and here is what they say (they just change what is in the <<Insert X Here>>: Dear <<Name>>, I am contacting you in response to your claim filed regarding the Hawthorne House parking facility on <<Insert Date Here>>. The process for reviewing damage claims involves a thorough questioning of the attendants on duty during the shift when the problem allegedly occurred and a thorough check of the garage for evidence of damage. Our investigation has not revealed any evidence of negligence that shows G.O. Parking was responsible for the scratches <<Insert Location of Damage Here>> on your <<Insert Make/Model of Car Here>>. In addition, we will not accept responsibility for any damages not reported prior to the vehicle leaving the garage. We require that car damage be reported while the vehicle is still on the premises so we can investigate immediately and determine liability. Therefore, we have determined your claim is not eligible for coverage. Sincerely, ------------- Director of Client Services cc: ---------- ________________________________________________ Each letter… See More>
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                      Resident 2005 - 2007


                      Highly reccomend not renting.

                      I strongly do not recommend renting here, as they raise the rates on average of $100 - $150 a month after each year of living there (I am now paying $1,600 a month w/o parking -- and it started at $1,450). Also, the elevators are terrible (never seek the bottom floor, not clean (have seen vomit many times on floor on weekends), and are very slow... take MINUTES to reach the middle floors. I cannot even imagine what it would be like to live near the top. The doorman is polite only when tipped, none of the garage employees can be understood, and their logic for claiming incidents is ridiculous (for instance, you cannot claim damage on your car once you leave the building -- even though the lighting is so poor you cannot see any damage done to your vehicle while inside. Parties that they thrown for their residents are about as cheap as a high school party (especially considering the amount of money paid per year). Constant problems with heating and air cooling systems -- odd smells coming from vents in the bathroom. Very old vinyl "tile" in kitchen, old appliances, bathroom looks like it has never… See More>
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                        Resident 2006 - 2007


                        Great Place to Live

                        We moved in the HH a year ago and just renewed our lease. The building is clean and well maintained. Maintenance and Front Door staff very nice. Minor repairs completed almost immediately. Management staff good. We have had no problems with them. Management office sends out frequent newsletters to update residents. You can't beat the great location and ammenities of this place. New laundry room and roof deck/pool area is being resurfaced.

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                          Resident 2000 - 2007


                          Great building terrible office staff which makes it a nightmare

                          This is a great building. The views are great. It is just such a sad thing that the management company makes it such a terrible experience. They have a terrible attitude, like they are doing you a favor for being here. They never meet any deadlines...never! but they are quick to raise the rent. There are old ladies in the building who are afraid to even go up to the office to complain about something for fear of the attitude they get. Unbelievable. The garage is terrible too, they scratch your car and never own up to it. You will always get a letter saying:"After a thorough investigation we have determined this is not our fault..." The office doesn't do anything to address the problems with -- Parking. Its frustrating because no one knows how to fight back or address this. Such a great building made so unattractive by this inefficient crowd of "managers." Truly a shame. Some of the units you can hear what goes on on the other apartments. Although annoying, it does not compare on how difficult and problematic it is to deal with the staff. Let me clarify, not the maintenance staff which is great… See More>
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                            Resident 1999 - 2007


                            Awful, awful management -- a nightmare place to live now!!

                            This is a beautiful building, but, terribly managed by Juniper Properties. Unfortunatley, so much so that numerous tenants move out in droves now because they ARE so unhappy. I lived in the building for years and this management company (Juniper Properties) is the worst and most recent. This management company is clearly in WAY over their head.<br><br>I would recommend to anyone NOT to move into this building. The office staff is rude, short-tempered and operate 24/7 with an undeniable sense of entitlement. <br><br>Note the last post as well--they routinely steal from tenants who are moving-out. They find bogus ways to make deductions to your deposit. So, if you live there at 3450 N. Lakeshore now take photos before you move-out.<br><br>If you're looking for an apartment--do youreself a HUGE favor and move to a better managed high-rise in the area. Just about any other address along Lakeshore should do the trick.

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                              Resident 2004 - 2006


                              Caveat Emptor

                              Nice building, good location, but don't expect to get your deposit back. My place was so clean it was a "model" apartment, yet they still found excuses for not returning my deposit when I moved out.

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                                Resident 2005 - 2006


                                The building is great

                                The staff does a great job in keeping the coomon areas both inside and out very clean. This is the best bukiding in Lakeview<br>

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                                  Resident 2006


                                  You get bang for your buck. $1k for a studio w/a/c and heat included. 550sf.<br><br>GQ Parking sucks! Hardly any of them speak english. They advised me that I need to check my car every time I bring it in and out for damage. They busted a tail light out and denied the whole thing!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                                    Resident 2005 - 2006


                                    Pretty Good

                                    Plus:<br>Nice view, close to running path, pool on the roof, safe and secure.<br><br>Minus:<br>Lake Shore traffic can be heard even at around floor 30 (facing north), very small workout room, bathroom drain in ALL units has to be declogged at LEAST once a month (but staff is right on top of this). Expensive parking, lots of very old people, rent will keep going uuuup.

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                                      Resident 2005 - 2006


                                      Bad Staff

                                      This is and overated building way to exspensive for what you get

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                                        Resident 2004 - 2005


                                        Great place!

                                        My 1 bedroom apartment is very large and has a great view. There is a 24 hr desk person and controlled access to the building. The exercise room is adequate and I really enjoy the rooftop pool. Repairs are made quickly and the employees are helpful. The building is very quiet and this is the best apartment I have ever had.

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                                          Resident 2002 - 2004


                                          This is a really nice modern high-rise apartment. <br><br>Room: My studio is BIG (it's almost a convertible) with modern kitchen with modern appliances (e.g. dishwasher, built-in microwave oven) and plenty of cabinet space, albeit slightly cramped. The room feels airy because there are four huge bay windows looking out from one side of the room, but it's poor for ventillation. <br><br>Exercise Room: The apartment has a nice exercise room on the 40th floor with 3 treadmills, 1 elliptical machine, 2 stair climbers, 3 stationary bikes, two sets of free weights (dumbell sets going from 5lbs to 60lbs) two benches and a universal gym station. It overlooks the Lakeshore Drive looking north; a gorgeous view.<br><br>Pool: There's a roof-top pool with an awesome view of the lake and Chicago skyline. There's also a huge roof-top deck on the other side of the roof with great view of the downtown and Wigleyville. <br><br>Parking: G.O. Parking is in the adjacent building(indoor entry between buildings) for $155/mo. It's valet parking, so your car will get abused and dinged overtime, but that's what you get for living in the city. Super convenient since it's attached garage and they… See More>

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                                            Hawthorne House Apartments is an apartment in Chicago in zip code 60657. This community has a 1 - 2 Beds, 1 - 2 Baths, and is for rent for $3,909. Nearby cities include Hines, Cicero, Oak Park, Elmwood Park, and River Forest.

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