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Ion Lincoln Park



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Office Staff
Resident 2017 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/10/2019
1237 WEST IS THE BIGGEST SCAM IN CHICAGO. 1237 is the equivalent to living in UPSCALE SQUALOR Yes, its super convenient living on the DePaul campus if you are a student, however it is such a cheap place to live yet so expensive. $1000 to live in squalor. This is my second and final year living here. Everything is constantly breaking from the toilets,the sinks,plugs, dishwasher (if they even put a dishwasher in your room because not all rooms have dishwashers.) Our toilet gets clogged every couple of months. One time it actually over flowed out of the bathroom into the living room. My plugs in my room will randomly stop working and leave me in the darkness because mind you they don't have lighting in the apartments ( yes we have to bring lamps, there's no light!) I put in a work order, but it doesn't matter because they don't come until days later. So this left me in the dark for days until I went and complained to the management. Thank God I have a room with windows, if I was like my other two roommates rooms It would be completely pitch black because there's absolutely no light. The walls are cardboard thin. Literally cardboard. You can hear everything in the room next to you clear as day. I hung up a poster with scotch tape and when I took it off the wall revealed literal brown cardboard. My roommates clothes were stolen right out of the laundry room while still in the wash. And nothing has been done about it yet. Our fridge shuts off frequently leaving our food to spoil. There's no garbage disposal.Only select rooms in the building have dishwashers and hard wood floors in the kitchen. The floors in the bedroom are literal concrete, which gets rather cold in the winter. The bathrooms sinks and shower clog up frequently out of no where ,causing the water to never go down. Everything about this building is so cheaply made its actually sad. Especially because they have the audacity to charge $1000 a month per person in the apartment and NONE OF THE ---- EVER WORKS. They burden and bombard you with paying rent on time and will call you literally everyday trying to get you to renew your lease! Also can't even move out if you want to. If you try to break your lease, they will threaten to charge you $12,000 (a years rent). The security is also trash. They let anyone and everyone in. DON'T DO IT! You will regret living here!There are nicer apartments in lincoln park. This has to be one of the worst student apartments ever. The management are even worse because they know they run a janky building, but will still have the nerve to pressure you to pay rent. Literally the only pro about this building is that it's on campus. The cons, and there are so many others, outweigh the pros.
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Ion Lincoln Park

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