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Lake Shore Plaza



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/03/2007
Lake Shore Plaza is a decent building in a decent location. The neighborhood does not offer much other than Navy Pier and the Lake. There are not a lot of restaurants or bars nearby. I had lakeviews for the first six months of my stay, but now a new condo complex has is being built perfectly blocking the lakeviews that residents once enjoyed. I never had problems with noisy neighbors, I never thought the place was dirty, but I have one MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR complaint. Everybody that works for the building except for maintenance and the doormen are very rude. Let me clarify this: Everybody in the Leasing and Management office are rude and hateful people. I never had a problem with rent prices (even though there is section 8 in the building and I feel like some of my rent is going towards their's) and I never had any issues with the building itself except for the elevators ALWAYS sucked but I got used to leaving fifteen minutes early to get to my car. In the leasing office there is one nice lady and I cannot remember her name but Jack and the lady that appear to be the manager that sits in the back corner are very rude and condescending and you can tell they get a kick out of it because of the extreme eye contact while they are making you uncomfortable. I have never felt comfortable stepping into their office and have always left extremely pissed off and angry at myself for letting them walk all over me. Somehow they always do though. The management office is also horrible. To talk with them you have to stick your head through this tiny whole, they do not have a welcoming office. I have visited the office three times, in three days because I wrote a rent check incorrectly and I wanted to get it taken care of before it was considered late. The 'secretary' (the girl who sits behind this tiny whole) is always on the phone, always laughing, and very rude. The first two days I went in there I waited fifteen minutes. It got to the point where I was physically sticking my head through the window trying to get her to help me. The third day I went in there she actually stopped her conversation to help me! She was worthless and sent somebody else to talk to me (I think an accountant?). This lady was rude at first but warmed up to me after we talked for a while. <br><br>The doormen and maintenance staff are all awesome and very helpful. They are one of the major reasons why I'm not totally trashing this building. The good thing is, once you move in you do not need to deal with the leasing staff and the only reason I ever had to talk to the management office was to rewrite a rent check. <br><br>I paid a little under $1500 for a one bedroom with a parking spot.
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Lake Shore Plaza

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