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North Harbor Tower

175 North Harbor Drive

Chicago, IL 60601



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Office Staff
Resident 1996 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/14/2019
We are one of the longest residents in the building and we notice rapid decline of once beautiful apartment complex. We moved in 1996. During last 23 years the rent doubled while services went down. Current owners, Waterton, try to rip off residents at any chance they can. Last year this building was sold by Crescent Heights who conducted a "renovation" which not only caused huge inconvenience for residents and noise, but also replaced solid granite floors and classic wood panels in the lobby with cheap ceramic tiles (maybe suitable for an individual kitchen), and white wallpaper. As expected, in less than a month ceramic tiles started to crack and now basically the entire lobby needs to be replaced (means more inconvenience and noise). While wallpaper of course gets dirty. In addition to already outrageous rents, the building signed an agreement with RCN (I suspect for kickbacks) for exclusive services. Now we have to pay about $90 on top of the rent for RCN (whom I would avoid by any possible means) for TV cable and phone services while we have none of them. We only use a very subpar internet provide by RNC for additional $9.00 charge (on top of $90). Total tip off. Beginning June 2019 Waterton invented a new charge. Now they want resident to pay for utilities like water, sewer and trash PLUS $5.00 fee for the company who prepare the Statement, Conservice who was contracted by Waterton. Since 1996 to June 2019 This building NEVER charged us for utilities. Now we have to pay over $130.00 on top of our huge rent for RCN which services we barely use (only internet) and for utilities like water in the entire building, ect. Worth to mention, nobody offered us a water meter to see how much water we actually use. The utilities are very poor. Our air conditioner only cools a smaller room, does not work in the living room. While the bedroom is freezing cold, living room is extremely hot. The fridge leaks due to ice collected on top. All appliances are on the cheapest side. If Waterton will continue to rip off residents while provide subpar services, we will consider to leave. I like the view and the area - but the building does not provide services they charge for, plus want more and more money from residents. No surprise that so many units are vacant. The only positive side of Waterton - they kept the existing staff who were hired before Crescent Heights took over the place and turned it into a mess.
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North Harbor Tower

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