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One East Delaware

1 E Delaware Place

Chicago, IL 60611



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/21/2007
Honestly, I only still lived there out of convenience (the proximity to the Red Line and the grocery store at the base of the building are just great to have). The old management company, and the managers, were awful, as bad as everyone on here has said. However, the new company seems to be much better. The people in the office have been better to deal with for me so far, generally very friendly and understanding. The elevators are finally being updated. It's almost a night and day difference. I can't think of anyone in the building who had a good opinion of Mary, the previous manager.<br><br>The area is a little noisy but there's not much to be done about that. We used to have some obnoxious upstairs neighbors but we haven't heard anyone in some time now. You can hear people when they are on their balconies, but if they are inside the apartments it is more unusual. Parking is pricey, but that's just the neigborhood for you. Some apartments have newer fixtures than others.<br><br>Overall, things seemed to get done faster now, and the people are much better to deal with than the old management. Previously I would have not recommended it, but now given the new managers (the door staff has always been very nice and most stayed on with the changeover) and the great convenience of the place, it's a little better, and if you want something in this area you could almost certainly do worse.<br><br>That said, we're still leaving at the end of the lease. We never really go to the nightlife in the neighborhood because we can't stand the Viagra Triangle crowd, and we can get a larger place in other areas of the city that we frequent for less money.
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One East Delaware

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