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Park Michigan Apartments



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Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/27/2012
April 1- May 26, 2012 I am writing this to ensure that this does not happen to another person. I ignored the reviews written here and I have suffered the consequences. All of these events occurred under the NEW management at 1212 S. Michigan. Pre-Move In: LIE-Rent. I was quoted $1275 p/m, the lease stated $1400. They said they forgot to tell me that it was actually one month free and they prorate it. Day 1: LIE-the building is dog friendly. TRUTH: Dogs are NOT allowed to enter or exit the building through the lobby/front doors. They must use the filthy side doors through a vacant and even filthier hallway. I was even told to use the freight elevator. That is not dog friendly. That is dog tolerable . I was not notified of this until AFTER I moved in. Day 2: I step on a hypodermic needle inside my apartment. It was literally sticking out of my foot. I brought it to management and they apologized and assured the carpet was new. Day 8: A tenet who lives in the building accosts me (and on a separate occasion) a female friend who was visiting. He pushes himself onto both of us and is very inappropriate. For the first time, I notice the lack of surveillance cameras in the elevator. Management is notified. Day 13: LIE: Pool and Hot Tub. I find out that there will no longer be water works at 1212 (the previous review is from a year ago and since then it has been decided that the pool and hot tub area will be leveled and rented out to businesses.) Day 17: My apartment along with 6 others are burglarized, during which, they took my puppy. My apartment is trashed, all my jewelry (family heirlooms) and electronics stolen. Total loss: $4,000. My puppy was later found in another apartment. Police and Management were notified. Day 20: I contact management and ask to be compensated half my rent for everything that has happened. Their final offer: $100. Enough to buy a rape whistle, but not enough to move out and move into a safe and secure building. Month 2: LIE- Gym. It is in a 700sq ft apartment until the real gym is built. Today: LIE- Guest parking. When I call to find out how much and where it is located, I am told by concierge, there is no guest parking despite the fact I was told there was before I signed the lease. The truth: Yes, the maintenance staff and concierge are amazing. Yes, the electric bills can be a bit high. My major concern is the lack of safety and how much management has lied about, well, everything. If you value your pet, your belongings and sense of peace, DO NOT move to 1212 S. Michigan. I did not heed the warning of the other reviewers and now I am paying the price. And trust me, being a victim of a robbery is not the price you want to pay.
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Park Michigan Apartments

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