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Park Michigan Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/08/2007
I lived at twelve-twelve for two years. The first year was cool, I really thought everything was just fine. As I was going into the second year, that is when things started to happen.<br>The Columbia college kids on my floor were so obnoxious, they would party in the halls, run up and down the hall, leave cigarette butts and beer cans in the hallways.<br><br>One night I came home and one of those "kids" pissed, yes urinated, in the elevator as I entered it...Funny huh? gets old real quick!!<br><br>Another time I opened my door and what did I find in the hallway??? A big pile of dog ---- from the enormous dog on our floor that kept getting loose. By the way, they allow any kind of dog, any size!!!!<br><br>Several times I found my clean, wet laudry trailing from the dryer to the table.....Don't leave any laundry unattended.<br><br>I've seen soooo many people come and go in the managment office. One thing for sure, they're all clueless!! Seriously Dumb!!!!! Every time I complained, it was useless!!!<br><br>Oh, I forgot to mention the time I was walking out in front of the building one night when some kids from the upper floors were throwing ice down on people and cars...really dangerous<br><br>There are kids that hang out throughout the building, mainly in the computer room. And they are so disrespectful and desperate need of an --- kicking.<br><br>Good parts are that I met a lot of people who lived in the building that were cool and I ended up meeting my boyfriend there.<br><br>Was it all worth it? Not really
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Park Michigan Apartments

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