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1906, 1912, 1916 North Lincoln Park West, Chicago, IL 60614
1906, 1912, 1916 North Lincoln Park West, Chicago, IL 60614

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Park West Apartments



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Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/07/2012
My Experience at Park West Apartments When I moved into my studio I was very excited to finally be out on my own. I wanted to get to know some of my neighbors so I tried talking to them in the parking lot or when I was checking my mail. Maybe one out of five would acknowledge my existence. My first experience with the maintenance man didn t go over well either. I left management a message that my tub was leaking. I got a notice saying that someone would be by within the next three days to fix it. They recaulked my tub and it still leaked. I left another message because it seemed that no one was ever around to take my call. Another notice that someone would be by to fix it. A receipt was left in my room saying that it was fixed. The next time I took a shower the floor was soaked. I called yet again and left a message that is was not fixed. A notice was left for me saying they could not duplicate the problem. I stopped calling because every time the maintenance guy came in to fix the problem, he would leave muddy shoe prints on my white bathroom rug and halfway through my room. Tenancy: 13 months The Good: AC, private patio, pretty cheap rent, close to the freeway, Safeway, Target and Home Depot. The Bad: Located between Section 8 housing and a dog park. The trash that lives in the two story complex would walk through the parking lot at all hours of the night hooting and hollering making all kinds of noise. They leave trash as they walk through. I even saw a lady change her baby on a garbage bin and throw the diaper on the ground unwrapped, next to the bin. Classy, I know. The walls are paper thin; I would be shocked to find that there is any insulation between the outer wall and the plywood they used on the inside. Yes folks, they didn t even use sheetrock. When it is hot outside, it is hot inside. When it is freezing outside, that s right it is cold inside. If your neighbors decide to watch a movie, you get to hear it, among other things. During the summer you will hear mariachi music and high pitched yelps into the wee hours of the morning coming from the Section 8 complex. Why do they do that, you might ask? Because it is Wednesday and they don t have to go to work the next morning, that s why. If you are close to the garbage bins, be prepared to hear the lids slam shut at all hours of the night. If you are like me and want to see why someone would be throwing trash out at 3:30 in the morning, it will probably be one of the local bums looking for bottles or cans. If you ask them politely, they will move on. Bring a mag-lite with you because it can be dark and just in case they start to approach you. I m just looking out for your safety. Now that San Jose has cut back on a lot of the public parks maintenance teams due to the volatile economic times, you will sometimes notice a ripe smell wafting over from the dog park and no it is not puppy breath I am talking about. When it rains it is even worse. There are two exhaust fans, one in the kitchen and the other in the bathroom. When you turn on the light/exhaust fan in the bathroom you can hardly hear yourself think, it is so loud. The kitchen fan is a great way for spiders and rain drops to find their way into your room. During the winter you can feel the cold draft from the exhaust fans. When you move out, don t clean your place. There is a $300 safety deposit that you will never get back completely. My room was darn near spotless and they said that they had to do mandatory deep cleaning by a professional cleaner($100) and have a professional carpet cleaning service come in($45). I thought that one light spot on the carpet near the front door would fall under the normal wear and tear , but not in their eyes. Dealing with the new manager was also painful. I asked her to explain to me what she considered normal wear and tear right after she praised me for how clean and spotless I had left it. She said thanks for calling Park West Apartments and hung up on me. I called her right back but she would not pick up the phone. I could go on but I think you get the point. Only move here if you have exhausted all other possibilities. Let me rephrase that, don t move here ever.
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Park West Apartments

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