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Park West Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/29/2002
Dimensions Management recently renovated several apartments in this complex (one entrance on Lincoln Avenue, three entrances on Lincoln Park West, with eight apartments in each building). Although tenants in these newly renovated apartments might not encounter the same problems that I have had in my non-renovated apartments (I lived in two different apartments for one year each), I think my experiences testify at the very least that Dimensions will not pay attention to tenants who aren´t shelling out the appropriate Lincoln Park average for rent. <br> <br>For example, and I will start with some small issues, I received—on the day of—a notice that work was going to be done on the building and electricity being shut off for a few hours during the day. While I am not at home during the day, my roommate is, and it could have been a huge inconvenience for her to suddenly find out that she´d have no electricity. <br> <br>Dimensions also recently installed new mailboxes. But in the usual fashion, they didn´t inform the tenants beforehand and didn´t get us (or the postal worker) keys until the day after the new mailboxes were installed. <br> <br>The workers that they hire also consistently prove to be unprofessional. One will leave the entrance doors and the back gate open while he´s doing his work, which is a big security problem in any neighborhood in the city. The people that they hired to repaint parts of the building would do the same thing, on top of leaving apartment windows open and not reinstalling people´s burglar bars. During that time, I would come home and find the apartment lobby and back stairway to be in a complete mess, the painters having done little to clean up after their work. <br> <br>I am lucky that I at least live in an OK apartment right now. I have a neighbor who lives in a more run-down apartment, and there´s mold growing in his sink, his refrigerator will promptly freeze anything he places in there, and there´s extensive water damage on his ceiling. Dimensions´ response to his complaints has been to refuse to renew his lease. While he was living there they did nothing to repair damages but now they want to kick him out and fix it up so they can get a higher-paying tenant. <br> <br>As I said, a higher-paying tenant might have a totally different experience with Dimensions. But I have decided not to renew with them because I am fed up with their tactics and irresponsible attitude towards the rest of the tenants. <br> <br>(Oh, and the "Grounds" question reminds me that the Old Town Association keeps planting trees in front of the complex, but Dimensions will never actually water them, so the trees keep dying.) <br>
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Park West Apartments

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