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Presidential Towers

555 West Madison Street

Chicago, IL 60661



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Office Staff
bliguy • Resident 2003 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/28/2005
I have lived in PT for almost 2 years, so I think that my review should hold at least some weight.<br><br>First off... I'm white. I knew about the section 8 rules before I moved in, and I have NEVER had a problem, nor have I ever seen anyone act inappropriately in any way. Personally I don't care whether the person next to me pays $0 or $2000, all I know is he is a good neighbor.<br><br>The apartment:<br>I live in a pretty large studio that even has a very large walk in closet, and is the only studio model in the building (Unit 13), that includes a dish washer. I really like the unit, although they have steadily increased my rent since I first moved in.<br><br>Grades<br>Apartment - A<br>Rent - B <br>(Used to be an A until they raised it!)<br><br><br>The Management:<br>Whenever I have a problem, it is fixed within 24 hours. No exceptions. I think the management here is excellent.<br>Grade<br>Management - A<br><br>The Neighborhood:<br>This is my biggest complaint, as I am in my 20s and enjoy the bar scene. There simply isn't much of a neighborhood feeling around the PT, as it is really a residential building surrounded by mostly office buildings. If you want to go to a nice resturant or a bar that actually has a decent crowd, you need to hop in a cab or take the el somewhere else.<br>The positive thing about the location is that if you work downtown, you can probably walk to work.<br>Grade<br>Neighborhood - C-<br><br>Ammenities<br>I think the building offers a lot of nice ammenities, including a full size grocery store downstaris, along with several restuarnts, and convenient stores, like a place to rent videos, for example.<br>The gym is really nice, but you have to pay extra for it. If it were included in the rent, that would be a huge incentive in my mind.<br><br>Grade - B <br><br>Overall, PT is a very nice place to live. I recommend it, especially to those new to Chicago.<br><br>Overall Grade - B
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Presidential Towers

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